USA Airforce General.

General Malcom „Ace“ Granger returns in O:FS with a lot of new stuff to bring death from above to his opponents. Obviously this General still has the best Airforce available in this mod, this time mixed with agile Hover-Tanks and precise Artillery.

General Points:

Tree 1 Aircraft:

Rank1: Promotion (for all Jets)

Rank2: Carpet Bomb (1 B2 bomber – less bombs)

Rank3: Supercruise (Speed upgrade for Aircraft)

Rank4: Carpet Bomb 2 (3 B2 bombers)

Rank5: Aurora Bomber (unit unlock, build limit 4)

Tree 2 Helicopters:

Rank1: Promotion

Rank2: Helicopter Support (useable ability, 3 controllable Apaches fly in from the edge of the map)

Rank3: HE Warheads (Increased damage for helicopter missiles)

Rank4: Helicoper Support 2 ( 6 Apache)

Rank5: Osprey Gunship (unit unlock, heavy helicopter with long range attack ability, build limit 3)

Additional Points:


Spy drone (unlock, buildable unit)

Rank2-4: (3 levels)

Super Sonic Airstrike. Very fast airstrike, almost impossible to intercept. 1, 2 or 3 planes.

Rank2-4: (3 levels)

Paratroopers, drops Rangers and missile defenders.

Rank2: Pathfinder (unit unlock)

Rank3: Tomahawk (unit unlock, a lot better than default tomahawk, very long range)

Rank4: Radar Signatures, creates raptor illusions to distract AA


MOAB (costs 2 points)

Air Superiority, multiple Raptors fly in and attack all aicraft in their path.

Spectre Gunship (costs 2 points)

New Units:

War Factory:

Hover Crusader, fast MBT

Hover MLRS,  fast, low HP (for a T3 tank) and high range. A powerful hit-and-run unit.

Hunter Artillery, howitzer, new basic artillery for all USA

Tomahawk (Requires General-point, rank3), T3 artillery; very high range; guided missiles.

Repair-APC (all USA replacement for medic)

Missile-Avenger, like Avenger but with missiles ;-)

T3 AA Unit for all USA. (currently not finished).


No PDL, so missile weapons aren't useless anymore.

Increased HP on most aircraft, and promotion to veteran at rank1 gives +15%.

Jet Missiles now only deal 60% damage to buildings. (Bombers want to have some use too)

F35 – basic fighter jet, good against aircraft and vehicles.

Stealth Fighter – fires bombs (no PDL or ECM works against it), increased damage

A10 – Anti ground jet, high HP, fires with gun and missiles, effective against tank armies.

King Raptor – Interceptor, AA only, but very powerful at it.

F23 – Anti ground, fires cruise missiles, good against buildings and idle ground units

Hypersonic Aurora – Rank5 General-point, build limit of 4, faster than default Aurora

Apache: basic helicopter, armed with guns, missiles and rocket-pods (ability).

Comanche: T3 helicopter, stealthed, detects stealth, can attack air. Has a target designator ability.

Osprey Gunship: Rank5 General-point. Build limit 3, powerfull against all ground targets, no AA. Has a long range attack ability.


Rocketeer: Jetpack trooper. Effective vs. Infantry. Can attack Aircraft. Early game scout unit.

New Buildings:

Larger Airfield, has place for 6 jets, more HP

Helipad (cheaper and smaller than airfield, produces all Helicopters and some upgrades)


Particle Cannon (increased damage radius and new beam effect)

New Upgrades:

Helicopter Repair (T2): Helicopters get repaired automatically

Advanced Missiles (T3): faster and stronger missiles for Patriot, MLRS and Avenger

Laser guided missiles is now available at T2 (Tech Center).

Composite Armor is now available at T3.