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  1. What is the MAD program?
  1. A project where we help select artists with the following:
  1. Producing a high quality EPK including:
  1. 3 live performance videos
  2. Artist interview video
  1. Marketing the EPK in conjunction with the artist and industry mentors
  1. What will MonstrARTity do?
  1. Provide a multi-track recording studio and engineer
  2. Provide backline of full drum kit, Marshall combo guitar amp and Peavey amp, microphones, acoustic steel string guitar, classical guitar, djembe, tabla, banjo, guitar, majeera, tambourine. These instruments are available for the convenience of the artist and are not required to be used.
  3. Provide a multi-cam video shoot and crew for a live, acoustic shoot. No PA system or headphones are provided.
  4. Provide a marketing team and industry mentors
  5. Provide a marketing budget
  1. What does the artist need to do?
  1. Prepare 3 songs to be performed live (lyrics must be memorized, no lip-syncing, no backing tracks, no overdubs)
  2. Work with MonstrARTity and industry mentors to promote the videos


  1. What songs should we prepare?
  1. You can prepare anything. At the same time, because the purpose of this project is to help give the artists visibility, we recommend the following:
  1. Choose interesting arrangements (e.g., Rapper performing with tabla player, Hindi singer performing with Spanish singer, funk rendition of a Bollywood ballad)
  2. Minimum 1 of 3 songs should be a popular cover
  1. Can we bring our own instruments/equipment?
  1. Yes, please give us advanced notice to ensure we are able to set up and record appropriately.
  1. Can we prepare more than 3 songs?
  1. Yes, depending on time. All 3 songs and interview are to be shot in 1 production day. The better prepared you are, the better chance we will have time to allow additional songs.
  1. Can we prepare fewer than 3 songs?
  1. No, because extensive scheduling time, preparation time and cash costs are incurred from everyone involved in order to coordinate a live audio and video shoot.
  1. When/where will the shoots be?
  1. We encourage you to be ready to shoot ASAP. Because we have limited funding and a limited time frame to shoot, edit and market the videos. Any shoots after September will be allocated fewer marketing dollars and fewer production dollars.
  2. The address for the shoot will be at MonstrARTity studio in Mississauga. The address will be given upon booking. When you arrive, please enter through the right side door of the building and go down the stairs.
  1. If we want other artists to perform with us or need to rent gear, will it cost us?
  1. We will consider covering additional costs if budget allows. Please let us know in writing, and in advance what you would like covered and why.

Subject to change without notice