I received Aya's flying kick twice and had Elena to revived me. Then I went to the office hurriedly after attaching【Tracking beacon】to Hilda.

 I began to observe Elena and the others as usual whilst doing my work seriously.


「Hilda, please come over here.」

「Yes, Elena-sama.」

 Does Elena called Hilda by her name without honorifics?

 Well, it will probably be the natural attitude towards a slave.

 Aya has already gone to junior college and it seems Elena and Hilda are the only one home.

「We're now going to wash your dirty pajamas.」

「Y-, yes......」

 Elena's strict attitude is new too.

「Actually, the one who will going to wash it is the thing called『washing machine』, since Hilda's pajamas can't be washed as it is, let's wash it in water first.」


 Elena and Hilda brought the pajamas to the bathroom and washed it in hot water stored into the wash basin several times.

 Eeh, Elena could also do laundry properly, huh~.

「We're going to use the『Washing machine』now.」


「First, you put the laundry here―」

「Do you also put mine together with yours, Elena-sama?」

「I was told by Seiji-sama to do everything together.」

「Y-, yes.」

「Since the laundry is washed together too, please keep them always tidy.」


 Elena has begun to smile to Hilda who listen to what she says obediently.

 Though the attitude is strict, Elena is Elena after all.

「Then, when this button is pressed―」

 Elena pressed the button that says『start』and the washing machine began to move.

 Hilda was surprised and fell down on her butt.

「Are you okay?」

「Y-, Yes, I'm sorry.」

「Afterwards, put the detergent with the same amount as this picture, close the lid and just wait for the washing to finish.」

「Y-, yes.」

 I wonder if it's alright, isn't it a little difficult for Hilda?


「Next is the cleaning of rooms.」


「First, use this.」

「What's this?」

「It seems to be picking up dust using static electricity.」

「Static electricity?」

「Static electricity seems to be a very weak lightning magic.」

「Is this a magic tool!?」

 It's not a magic tool!

「Then, we use the vacuum cleaner.」

「Is the vacuum cleaner that something which had been attached to the staff?」

「Yes, when you turn on this switch―」

 When Elena turn the switch on, the vacuum cleaner raised a hum and started to move.


 Hilda nearly fell down on her butt again but she seemed to somehow endure it this time.

「Please bring your hand close to the nozzle of the staff, Hilda.」

「Y-, yes.」

 Hilda brings her hand close like Elena says.

「Wha-, the wind is blowing towards the staff.」

「Yes, it suck up dust using the power of the wind.」

「A-, Amazing.」

 Hilda keeps being surprised since a little while ago.

 Well, it's understandable.

 Elena picked the dust up while Hilda, in accordance with Elena's instructions, began to clean each room using the vacuum cleaner.

 The vacuum cleaner seemed to be fun and Hilda cleaned with it whilst humming.


 After a while, an electronic sound informing that the washing has been finished resounded.

「Elena-sama! W-, What's that sound just now!?」

「Hilda, it's okay. Don't panic.

 That's the sound when the washing has finished.」

 Well, I'll be surprised if I hear an electronic sound for the first time too.

 The two people have put the laundry in a basket and begun to dry them in the verandah.

 The futon with a world map drawn on it has already dried.

 But, it seems Hilda can't be helped but be interested about the scenery that can be seen from the veranda.

「Elena-sama, what is that lump of iron that runs at a frightening speed?」

「That's a vehicle called car. People rides on it.」

「Inside of that...... it's amazing, isn't it!?」

「There are also vehicles larger than that called bus and train.」

「A-, Aren’t they scary?」

「I was scared at first too but it seems to be a very safe vehicle.」

 Hilda has been engrossed in watching the scenery that her hands has stopped moving~.


 Washing and cleaning were over and it was now time for lunch.

「Let's make lunch.」


 Hilda answered energetically.

 Undoubtedly a glutton.

 It seems the two people are making something like a meat sauce pasta.

「First, fill a big pot with water.」

 For some reason, Elena filled the pot with water using【water magic】not the tap water.

「Elena-sama uses【water magic】too, huh. It's amazing!」

 Elena smiled happily.

 Elena purposely used water magic to show off.

 Elena has such『mischievous』side too, huh~.

「Well then, we set the fire.」

 Elena set fire to the gas stove.

「It's burning!!

 How did this happen?」

「Yes, it has a mechanism that burns air.」

「Burning air!? It's amazing!!」

 Hilda stared at the gas stove's flame all the time.

 When she drew close too much, her bangs burnt!

 Elena opened the lid of the canned meat sauce a little and started to warm it into hot water with a small pot.

「Hilda, please get the plates ready.」


 Elena casts away the boiled pasta's drained hot water with【Water magic】, lifts the colander after it has become light to some extent and serves it to the plates after shaking off the moisture.

 As to not burn herself, she takes the canned meat sauce with a pot holder and pour it on top of the served pastas on the plates by half each, sprinkling a Parmesan cheese to finish it off and it's done.

 Moreover, bread rolls and milk have been prepared too and the two people eat their lunch with great relish.

 Uh-oh, I have to go for the lunch break too.

 I also went to the pasta shop near the company, whilst looking at the view of Elena and Hilda having a happy lunch, I had pasta as well.