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PRIDE Points System
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Mount Hutt College Schoolwide PRIDE Points System

The Pride system gives students and their parents a frequent indication of their educational progress. Students are rated by each subject teacher on their learning and behaviour. The best rating is ‘5’. A ‘2’ indicates improvement is needed and a ‘1’ indicates a serious issue or issues. The totals are averaged to give the student a guide to how their education is progressing. The school diary contains pages for recording and tracking their progress.


  • Puts a lot of effort into all classwork and is on-task        
  • Completes homework to the best of their ability
  • Contributes to the class’s learning
  • Obeys classroom and school systems and rules
  • Shows school values of PRIDE (Passion, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, Excellence)
  • Is organised; has the right materials and uses the school Diary effectively
  • Is supportive and helpful to other students

How the points rating works:


The student consistently meets or exceeds all of these criteria


The student does very well in most of these criteria most of the time


The student meets these criteria most of the time


The student is not meeting all these criteria and this is detrimental to their learning


The student is consistently not meeting these criteria and it’s seriously hurting their education or the education of others