Guys, Wednesdays at 8 in HJ Lobby

HJ Girls Even Floors, Tuesdays at 8 in HJ; text Laura Blizard for more details 336-529-7552

HJ Girls Odd Floors, Mondays at 7 in HJ Lobby; text Rachel Berry for more details 336-944-4431 *week of Labor Day, study will be Wednesday, Sept. 7*

Horton Girls, Mondays at 7:30 in Horton; text Anne Howard for more details 704-779-9917


Guys, Monday at 7:30 in Ehaus lobby (Contact Thomas Darden for more details: 704-776-3688)

Girls, Monday at 7:30 in Ehaus lobby, Contact Hailey Truitt for more details 919-376-7653

Girls, Monday at 7:30 in Koury - Maddy Robbins for more details 336-580-5229

Craige/Craige North/Hardin

Guys, Mondays 8pm in Craige Lobby  contact David Katibah 704-517-4498

Girls, Tuesday at 7pm in Coffee house

Girls, Tuesdays at 8pm in Craige North, text Haley McDougal for details (704-472-3357)

Girls in Hardin, text Bridget Gallagher for details (864-580-8503)

North/Mid Campus

Girls: Wednesdays at 7:30 in Aycock lounge; text Debbie for more info (919-986-2578)

Guys: Wednesday evenings at 7 in Connor; text Tyler Cromer for more info (336-529-3118)


Girls - text Madison Jackson for more info 704-964-5185



Mondays at 8:30 in Morrison; text Brianna Bauchle for more info, (336-207-9490)

Monday, 7:30, Morrison

            Emily Iffland, Aly Riquelme, and Caroline Nichols (

Monday, 7:30, Morrison

            Olivia Gensheimer and Katie Demski (

Monday, 8, Morrison

            Lauren Bowyer and Amanda Vergnetti (

Monday, 8, Morrison

            Mary Thurman (

Monday, 8:30, Morrison

            Kendal Thomas, Mackenzie Lawless, and Kelly Morris     (

Tuesday, 4, Union

            Kayla Smith and Rumer Wilkinson (

Tuesday,5, TBD

            Martha Tomaso, Stephanie Snyder, and Devin Oxner (

Tuesday, 7:30, Morrison

            Jaycee Rogers, Rachel Ungaro, and Caroline Kreitzer (

Guys: Morrison Lobby

Tuesdays at 8pm - Contact Zach Smith 704-778-8515  

Wednesdays at 9pm - Nathan Cooksey 704-773-3861


Junior & Senior Girls

Sundays at 6:30pm - for more details

Mondays at 8 - for more details

Tuesdays at 7:30 - for more details

Wednesdays at 7pm - for more details

Junior & Senior Guys

Monday at 4 - Andrew White for more details (828-736-3443)

Tuesday at 7pm on Coolidge St, text  Josh Smith for details  919-381-7564