Answer the questions below using full sentences.

1. What is Matariki?

The maori new year

2. Name another constellation like Taurus?  You might like to research this.

The red giant Aldebaran

3. What is another natural event like the flowering of plants or the movement of stars in the sky that Māori might have used to track time?

There are no other natural events that tell the track of time

4. When does the Matariki cluster reappear?

In late may or early june

5. What did the Māori believe the stars would look like if it was going to be a good season?

If they were  bright and clear

6. Why do you think there is more that one myth to explain Matariki?

Because if there were only one myth it would be hard to explain matariki

7. What do these words in Te Reo Māori mean in English?

  1. Pātaka kai

Storage room

  1. Hākari


  1. Whenua


  1. Whānau


  1. Whakapapa

A line of  descent from one’s ancestors

8. List three ways Māori people celebrated Matariki.

  1. Have a  feast
  2. Celebrate it with whanau and friends
  3. Sing maori songs

9. What stories do you think Māori shared at these times?


10. Name a celebration that is important to you, when is it celebrated and how you


celebrate it.

 Birthday’s -I celebrate my birthday like it is my bestest day day of my life and i get to have a huge feast with my family  and friends

How a birthday is celebrated-they celebrate it with there family and friends and have the most Amazing day of there life

11. Think of one way you could celebrate Matariki with your class or family.  What would you do?

Have a huge feast