World’s Worst Pet App Level C

Words defined in the unit

Synonymous words & phrases used, & antonyms

Other vocabulary

Theme & final writing assignment

Set 1

  1. audience
  2. chorus
  3. melody
  4. performance
  5. popular

  1. public

  1. recorded
  2. rehearse
  3. stage
  4. sweetly

1. performers

2. singing group; choir

3. tune

4. show

5. well-liked; well-known; favorite; not common; disliked; unknown

6. open to all; shared by everybody; secret; private

7. copied and saved

8. prepare to perform; practice; go over


10. in a rough way; loudly 

Words associated with performances

dance steps, speech, parts in a play, put on a play, actors, costume, perform, song, hum, play the flute, play the drums, sing

Things audiences see & do

clap, buy a ticket, sit in front of a stage

Public vs private spaces

Places you might (or might not)  see a performance 

library, museum, street, park, public school, a business office, playground, bank, garden, factory, club, circus

Adjectives & adverbs

fierce, mean, familiar, cheerful, favorite, kindly, sweet, sweetly, young, gently, easily, loudly, joyfully

Sing It Out Loud!

Write a narrative about a time when you saw a performance. Use descriptions and dialogue. What did the stage look like? How many people were in the audience? Use at least four words from the list.

Set 2

1. adventure

2. beyond

3. cruise

4. guide

5. journey

6. proceed

7. roam

8. route

9. tour

10. vehicle

1. exciting activity; new experience

2. on the other side of; past; farther than; more distant; near; close by

3. sea trip; boat trip

4. lead; show the way; direct; give information; follow; walk behind

5. trip; tour; cruise

6. continue; go forward; move ahead; travel; stop; go back; return; stay

7. wander

8. road; way; path

9. a visit to; a trip through; a guided journey

10. car

Words about going places

Write about the best trip you ever took. Maybe it was a trip for a day. Maybe it was a trip that lasted for a few days or even longer. Tell where you went and what happened. Tell what people thought or felt. Use at least four words from the list.

Set 3

1. calculate

2. expand

3. greater

4. height

5. least

6. limit

7. magnify

8. maximum

9. numerous

10. quantity

1. find the amount; add up; count up

2. grow larger; spread; swell; increase;  shrink; decrease; grow smaller

3. bigger; larger; wider; more; smaller; thinner; less

4. tallness

5. smallest amount; fewest; less than any other; tiniest; most; greatest

6. farthest point; edge

7. make larger; enlarge; expand; make smaller

8. most; biggest; highest; greatest; lowest; least; smallest

9. many; plenty of; a lot of;  few; not many; hardly any; a small amount of

10. amount

Quantities / units of measure









How Big? How Many?

Suppose you have a mysterious box that multiplies anything you put into it. If you put one pair of shoes into the box, you find two pairs of shoes there later. Write a story about what happens with this mysterious box. Use at  least four words from the list.

Set 4

1. ballot

2. citizen

3. council


4. election

5. government

6. issue

7. lawmaker

8. leadership

9. mayor

10. poll

1. paper for voting; screen for voting

2. person born in a country; member of a country

3. lawmakers for cities; lawmakers for towns

4. voting; time to vote

5. group that governs; group that leads

6. subject; topic

7. person who makes laws

8. ability to lead; ability to direct; ability to guide

9. leader of a city; head of a city

10. way to get information; tool for gathering facts

The People’s Government

Why is it important to vote in every election? State your opinion clearly and support it with two or three reasons. Use at least four words from the list.

Set 5

1. bright

2. choice

3. classify

4. clever

5. cooperate

6. develop

7. goal

8. manage

9. organize

10. schedule

1. smart; wise; clever; intelligent; sharp; not smart; foolish; dumb; stupid

2. pick; thing chosen

3. put into groups; sort; organize

4. smart; wise; bright; intelligent; sharp; not smart; foolish; dumb; stupid

5. work together; help one another



8. take charge of; control; lead; run

9. plan; put in order; arrange; straighten out;  mix up


figure out



Words About Making a Plan

Write a made-up story about a kid who wants to build a robot. What does he want the robot to do? Does his family think this is a bright idea? Tell what happens and what characters think or feel. Use descriptions and dialogue. Use at least four words from the list.

Set 6

1. astonishing

2. courage

3. deed

4. display

5. emotion

6. exclaim

7. extraordinary

8. impress

9. remarkable

10. shock

1. surprise; amaze; shock; startle; boring; not surprising

2. bravery; daring; boldness

3. act; action

4. show; exhibit; present; set out; keep secret; hide; cover

5. mood; feeling

6. shout; yell; call out

7. surprising; amazing; astonishing; remarkable;  ordinary

8. amaze; astonish; disappoint

9. amazing; unusual; extraordinary;wonderful; dull; boring; expected; not interesting; common

10. surprise; amaze; astonish; startle














When you Just Have to Say “Wow!”

Write about a time when you saw something extraordinary or remarkable. Tell what happened. Describe what you saw. Describe what you thought or felt. Use at least four words from the list.

Set 7

1. cleverly

2. cleverness

3. disorganized

4. manager

5. mismanaged

6. organizer

7. popularity

8. sweetness

9. unpopular

10. unsweetened

1. clever; unwisely

2. clever;  silliness

3. mixed up, messy, planned poorly, managed well; organized

4. employee

5. manage; managed well




9. liked; popular; favorite

10. less sugar; sweet

make a plan

put things in order

make lists

make a schedule




Base words, prefixes and suffixes

Write a made-up story about a kid who is famous for being disorganized. is the kid popular or unpopular? Tell what characters think or feel. Use at least four words from the list.

Set 8

1. accomplish

2. career

3. earn

4. effort

5. hardworking

6. operate

7. routine

8. serve

9. skill

10. successful

1. finish; complete; succeed in doing; not succeed

2. job; the work someone does

3. make money; get paid; pay; spend

4. a good try; hard work; energy; doing nothing; laziness

5. working with effort; busy; active; tireless; lazy; not active; taking it easy

6. run; manage; control

7. a set of steps; a regular plan; a usual pattern

8. wait on; help; care for; look after;  be waited on; get help

9. ability; talent; what you know how to do

10. doing well; outstanding; failing


serve customers


Things you can earn

a living

an award


Things you can operate

sewing machine



Words to Use on the Job

Think about an interesting job that you might like to do. Read to learn more about this job. Then use facts, definitions, and details to explain what you learned. Use at least four words from the list.

Set 9

1. applaud

2. assist

3. bother

4. cheat

5. damage

6. disrupt

7. embarrass

8. follow

9. interrupt

10. respect

1. show respect for; clap; cheer; boo; find fault

2. help; aid; support; work with, disrupt; hold back; get in the way; cause problems

3. disturb; annoy; upset; give trouble

4. behave dishonestly; be unfair; make better

5.harm; break; spoil; ruin; repair; fix; improve; make better; mend

6. stop from going forward; interrupt; hold up

7. ashamed; uncomfortable; nervous; blushing; proud

8. obey; respect; act in agreement with; disobey

9. break in; disrupt; stop

10. have a good opinion of











Things to follow

a schedule




Things to applaud


good deed


a chorus

Words That Tell Dos and Don’ts

Write about a time when you did something right. Then write about a time when you did something wrong. Tell what happened and what people thought or felt. Use descriptions and dialogue. Use at least four words from the list.

Set 10

1. adult

2. germinate

3. larva

4. life cycle

5. metamorphosis

6. offspring

7. organism

8. pupa

9. reproduce

10. seedling

1. grownup; fully grown organism

2. sprout; grow from seed

3. a hatched insect

4. stages of growth

5. change in form

6. reproduced organisms; children

7. life form; living thing

8. insect stage; what larva becomes

9. make offspring; produce young

10. young plant; a sprout




recycling trash

Life Cycles

Read about the lifecycle of an insect, such as a dragonfly or a mosquito. Then use facts, definitions, and details to explain what you learned. Use at least four words from the list.