Team Evolve

2017-18 School Year

Team Evolve finds success in school through one on one and small group instruction.  



        Greetings and welcome to the new school year.  Mrs. Lesny and Mr. Achilich spent many hours this summer preparing the Team Evolve classroom.  The classroom looks great, the year is planned out and ready to get rolling.  

One of the challenges that the teachers met this summer is choosing the social studies and science units to teach, since there will be students representing all middle school grades in the classroom.  To meet the academic needs of all students we’ve created thematic trimester units to cover topics from all four grades at BRMS.  We will include more information each trimester in this space to share what we will cover, but below are the general themes for the trimester.

Trimester 1- Explore

Trimester 2- Investigate

Trimester 3- Improve

        When students arrive to school in the morning, they will check in with their teachers, then make a plan to get breakfast if needed.  Lunch will remain largely unchanged from years prior.  In the afternoon we will schedule a daily snack time, that the student can purchase each morning in the cafeteria.  

        If you have any questions about the coming school year, please e-mail your child’s teachers.

        Kim Lesny                                Jason Achilich