BDGA AGM Minutes 2016

At: Longford Park Scout Hut



J Luton, T Lowes, J Wilson, N Webber, C Ronalds, C Mead, D Bransby, G Bransby, S Rickard, D Pearson, M Davis, Charlie O'Brien, P Holden, M Cutler, D Robins, J Burton, S Stevens, P Stoddart, Chris O'Brien, Joe O'Brien, C Davies, E Green, S Luard, S George, M Fleetham



1. Opening statements from board members

National Director report to follow...

Secretary’s report

Discussion of paying for membership - can we find better ways to allow for payment of membership fees - Paypal? Credit card payment systems? To be investigated.

Treasurer’s report

Discussion of tournament sanctioning fees. Bedworth club not to be held responsible for the outstanding tournament tax debt for 2015 tournament. Payment awaited from Jon Tweed.

Both DoCs not present. Communications report here.

2. Comments on board reports

General satisfaction was expressed.

3. Board election results

General approval of the Ballotbin election service.

4. BDGA Tour future

Referring to this document, produced by Director of Competitions, Phil Wood.

General approval.

Division boundaries to be PDGA standard. Discussion of Pro divisions. Cash payouts can incentivise players. Free market structure emphasised. DoC to provide help - especially to new TDs. Current TDs to help with doc? TD support email chain? Risk assessment to be made available.

Action - Board to finalise Tour structure and release ASAP. TD support pack to be prepared ASAP. Email chain to be sent round experienced TDs for feedback.

5. BDGA Memberships

Partly discussed earlier with Secretary’s report. PDGA memberships will be removed from BDGA membership. BDGA membership may change to reflect new Tour structure. Any changes to membership will require a vote - ballot to be prepared ASAP.

Proposal (T Lowes) to make board members’ membership free - as small token towards work done. General approval but will require vote.

Membership for juniors to be free or low cost? Board to discuss and present as part of vote.

6. Development

Skipped due to lack of time - for further forum discussion.

7. Communications policy (Sue Underwood)

Not present - but mostly covered by Comms report.

8. Selection process for EDGC and onwards (Sue Underwood)

Team selection sub-committee to be formed of non-conflicted parties - Board members and extras? Board to decide composition. Guidelines to be established - committee’s decision final. Players to put themselves forward as available before selection process.

9. AOB

C Mead international report.

WFDF team event (Aug 2017) will also need selection process. Sub-committee (above) to cover.

Request for legacy to be created from these large marquee events.