Lent Love Project

Welcome to our special Lent love project. Each week, we’re going to have a different kind of  mission to complete as a family. Are you ready for Week 1?

The Hands of love


Your mission this week is to write a letter to someone to encourage them or to tell them how much you appreciate them. You could make a card to send to make it even more special or draw them a picture to send in the post. Who would you like to write to?

Week 2 Mission - The Voice of Love


Your Lent love mission this week is to choose 3-4 people to phone up this week, all on one day or on different days, to thank them for something, encourage them or just to take an interest in how they are doing. Who would you like to call this week? Pray for God to remind you of someone who really needs to feel loved this week.

Week 3 Mission - The Feet of Love


Your mission this week is to take a hand-made gift or something very simple to 1-2 people who need cheering up or encouraging. Who would you like to make a gift for?

Week 4 Love Mission - The Heart of Love


Make a list of about 5 people you want to pray for every day this week. Include people you like, people you don’t like and people you need to forgive. If you know you have upset one of these people, say sorry and ask for their forgiveness. Who do you want to put on this list?

Week 5 Love Mission - The Mind of Love


Use this week to think about how you are feeling. Praise God for His love for you whether life is wonderful or very, very hard right now. Tell Him what is making you happy and what is making you sad and know that He hears you. What do you want to tell Father God this week?

Week 6 Love Mission - A Life of Love


Arrange a walk outside in nature and take particular notice of everything God has made. Is there someone or another family you can share this time with? Alternatively go on an outing to a concert, museum or exhibition and thank God for the creativity He has given to people.