General Pony Hypnosis Document

A new and fantastic group of ponies have revived our community with a drive for honest and moral hypnosis help for anypony (or dragon, or fur, etc.) who would like to experience it!

 Please take the time to register with them because their forums are chock full of helpful friends, tips, tricks, advice, and more than a few fun ways to play!

And if you like what you find, and have the means available to you, consider contributing to the Patreon so that new files can be made more quickly and with higher quality!


WritefagPuck here, the ever reclusive owner of this here doc, just wanting to say thanks to all the hardworking ponies who took that original shy pony file I bought and said "We can do better than this hunk of junk!" May you all trot with pride at your accomplishments, and know that you've helped many a poor human make a dream come true! Here's a shout out to PTFG, without whom I would have never been involved; NG/MK, GB, Syn, OOTN, Zephyr, and all the rest of you cooky pones, thank you!