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General Pony Hypnosis Document

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Greetings everyone and everypony, this is Rarity here and  would like to let you know that this document is outdated and requires a major overhaul from the new files such as Trixie, Applejack and other things that are needed to be arranged. Do not fret this is the only active document we have at the moment and is the most updated. In a few days we will change the structure of the document to a better form or another. For now, please do stick this document and/or follow the forums below. -Rarity


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WritefagPuck here, the ever reclusive owner of this here doc, just wanting to say thanks to all the hardworking ponies who took that original shy pony file I bought and said "We can do better than this hunk of junk!" May you all trot with pride at your accomplishments, and know that you've helped many a poor human make a dream come true! Here's a shoutout to PTFG, without whom I would have never been involved; NG/MK, GB, Syn, OOTN, Zephyr, and all the rest of you cooky pones, thank you!


>In regards to Pony Hypnosis

If you are looking for the files, please direct yourself to Http:// in the Spellbooks and Files Section. ...It is recommended that you create an account before viewing and downloading files..






















































[b]Anyone want to explain how I can "check for errors" in the tulpa script? Is there some kind of specific issue to look for?

[c]Is there any chance for a generic unicorn mare induction to be added soon-ish?

[d]>>6198024 has 404'd

[e]What a joyride! I mean it was my first time and I could feel myself as twilight!! I was twilight for i dunno how long! I had hooves and all of it! I actually felt like a real pony!

[f]i must say that this fluttershy Hypnosis was awesome, the wings were just amazing and when i got up to walk around i could even feel a wingboner *-* So Awesome =D

[g]Any tips on Aid of sleep whilst playing the loop one?


[i]hmm i would like to try this but post update logs on in any ideas were?


[k]I can't seem to go in a transs sttate, maybe beacause im scared, anybody help?

[l]That was amazing. I can become Fluttershy any time I want now! Thank you so much. No, really. Thanks.

[m]is there a way to put in pony requests or a place?

[n]I think you might have to listen in a secluded place and listen to it a lot.

[o]How can i tell what files are Genderbent because none of them have a note saying if Genderbent or not?

[p]i need a derpy hypnoss recording can anyone find one that works?

[q]Is there any way to get an OC pony done? like without a custom file for myself?

[r]can't wait to try the ears file!

[s]Thank you guys so much for this as i have been needing something like this for quite a while.

Thanks for making this and putting all the effort you have into it I am in your debt.

[t]someone need to do a Applebloom one and i haven't been this relaxed in years

[u]hm... i don't really know but.. also,it say's if your body starts to move you should let it, yeah i do, but it so much that it interrupt me, however, anyone got some tip's that help you relax? (restless and nervous) in general and takes time to sleep.. also i loop the files, should it help.

But YEAH! got any tip? pm^^

[v]I want to try this so bad

[w]how do yoou get the loops to loop?

Kind of a noob so ya

[x]I can't say I always wanted to be a pony, but I might just try this anyways.

[y]"Old and still slightly alive thread: >>6198024" Link is dead

[z]Not sure why, but these audio files send me into a fit of rage. I cannot seem to relax to any of them. I find them to be very stressful.

[aa]which hypnosis should i do?

[ab]Zecora/General Zebra script req?

[ac]My Problem with the 3.0 hypnosis files is their too long.



[ae]Is anyone aware that the Pinkie Pie Ind + noBGM is the same file as Ind + BGM?

[af]WHY is there so much briefing..garrr

[ag]This must look so weird to non-bronies

[ah]Would anypony be interested in a MLP roleplay? Clopping and hypnosis is good.

[ai]Hello there, I was wondering if there was a audio recording of Doctor Whooves out? And if I could perhaps request a recording for Discorded Whooves as well?

[aj]I'm kind of annoyed because my relatives put an internet filter on my computer, and it won't let me into mediafire -_-

[ak]Proper version of Applejack when one of you can, please+thanks? :)

[al]I've been trying this for a 2 weeks now I have a problem when it says "Let yourself go" even though I'm relaxed it's like my brain shifts into high gear how do I fix that?

[am]Here's a tip i you're having trouble! Don't retry one you have just failed, if you remember the frustration during the trance, you have a high chance of breaking that trance.

[an]I really want to be Discord! Someone please make one :) Thanks in advance

[ao]pony ears script 404'd

[ap]Will there be a Princess Twilight file or an addon to the Twi file. Or something like that?

[aq]Is there any way to get the BGM and binaural beat bed for FemV's Fluttershy reading - in other words, the background sound file behind the voice, with no voice or words? It is a very well constructed bed and I would like to use it to make custom inductions for myself.

[ar]it would be great if you could link the scripts of the recordings in the list. so people can compare different versions for the same pony before listening and look up words if english is not the first language

[as]A chance of other languages?

[at]So I just listen to it? Putting this on my ipad, gonna take it to bed tonight where im most relaxed...

[au]Whoever voiced Pony Ears did an amazing job. Definitely one of the best here in terms of voice and quality. Wish he did more of them.

Some sexual/clop oriented files would be nice to see here.

[av]this stuff is amazing i wonder if you guys can make people think they are um inanimate  objects or something. like uh a lamp or a car.

[aw]i want a Sweetie belle one

[ax]The only one that worked on me was Fluttershy

[ay]will you be looking into more gender bent files anytime soon?

[az]so then, I went to the forum and signed up, but couldn't help but notice that most of the boards were dedicated to specific ponies, I've been using the Perma Anthro Pegasus recording a kind anon made, and would like to be able to discuss it's events despite not knowing where I should discuss them.