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Greetings everyone and everypony, this is Rarity here and  would like to let you know that this document is outdated and requires a major overhaul from the new files such as Trixie, Applejack and other things that are needed to be arranged. Do not fret this is the only active document we have at the moment and is the most updated. In a few days we will change the structure of the document to a better form or another. For now, please do stick this document and/or follow the forums below. -Rarity


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WritefagPuck here, the ever reclusive owner of this here doc, just wanting to say thanks to all the hardworking ponies who took that original shy pony file I bought and said "We can do better than this hunk of junk!" May you all trot with pride at your accomplishments, and know that you've helped many a poor human make a dream come true! Here's a shoutout to PTFG, without whom I would have never been involved; NG/MK, GB, Syn, OOTN, Zephyr, and all the rest of you cooky pones, thank you!


>In regards to Pony Hypnosis

If you are looking for the files, please direct yourself to Http:// in the Spellbooks and Files Section. ...It is recommended that you create an account before viewing and downloading files..