TPACK iPads in Schools - iPad App Guide

This guide is a working document developed by the TPACK iPads in Schools Project (TIPS) Research Team.


One of the aims of the TPACK iPads in Schools Project is to provide research informed resources and professional learning to educators. This resource is being developed in response to requests from teachers, and is based on the surveys and the data we are collecting in the research project. For further information, please visit the project blog


The information in this document shares the professional learning of the TIPS Research Team as we explore and test using these devices in classrooms. The views expressed are those of Dr. Jenny Lane and the TIPS Research Team. They do not represent the view of any institution or commercial enterprise.

Thank you.

Dr. Jenny Lane

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iPad Links - Tips, User Guide,

Classroom Management & Organisation Apps for Teachers

Professional Learning / Networking Apps for Teachers

Office & Presentation Tools

File Management Tools

News & Content Aggregators

Research and Organisational Tools



Photography / Video / Storytelling

Early Childhood


Literacy (Early Childhood Focus)


Numeracy (Early Childhood Focus)


Social Studies / History





Student Apps

Special Needs

iPad Links - Tips, User Guide,

User Guide

iPads in Schools

A wonderful story about a young boy in the United Kingdom who was inspired by the TIPS 2012 blog to fundraise and purchase an iPad for kids in India.

Classroom Management & Organisation Apps for Teachers



A fantastic, free personal organiser for teachers - maintain records of grades, attendance and student behaviour on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: TeacherPal


Free (Lite Version)

Full Version - $14.99

Confer is a note-taking app for teacher-student conferences & lesson observations. It helps you organise and track your notes for individual, and small groups of students, importing & exporting data via email or a spreadsheet.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Confer

Australian Curriculum


Brings the F-10 English, Mathematics, History, and Science Australian Curriculum documents to your iPhone / iPad.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Australian Curriculum - Mobile Edition



Wunderlist is a free ‘To-Do List” which synchronises your tasks / lists across all your devices - iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Web. 

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Wunderlist HD



Edmodo is a private, secure social networking site where teachers, students, and parents can connect, engage and learn; taking learning beyond the classroom walls. Highly recommended.  

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Edmodo


Currently Free 

In Beta

Socrative is an ‘e-clicker’ device which enables teachers to quickly and easily set up short multiple choice / short-answer / quiz assessment activities, which students respond to using their own devices (laptop, phone, iPad)

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Socrative



Pinnion is an online polling and an audience response app. You can create surveys and quizzes, and respond using the iPad app.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Pinnion



There is enormous potential for the use of Skype in education, although it is sadly blocked in many institutions.

You can use Skype to connect with outside experts & other classrooms / teachers around the world.

Professional Learning / Networking Apps for Teachers

TED Education


TED presents ideas to inspire, educate, and inform … in 5-20 minute videos – which you can watch, or save on your iPad.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: TED Talks



Livebinders is a web application which makes it easy for teachers to curate and organise their favourite online resources in virtual 3 ringed binders, which can then be freely shared & accessed online - anywhere, anytime.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Livebinders

Aust. Teacher Magazine


This is a great, free app which enables users to read the Australian Teacher Magazine on their iPads via a FREE subscription

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Australian Teacher Magazine

iTunes U


The iTunes U app gives teachers and students access to 500 000+ educational resources, including videos, course materials, and podcasts from leading universities and institutions.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: iTunes U


Free (Ad Supported)

$5.45 (Ad free)

Twitterrific is a universal iPhone / iPad app, which makes it very easy for teachers to access & use Twitter for professional learning purposes. (The free version is excellent). 

Office & Presentation Tools


Documents To Go $10.45  

Premium Version - $17.99

DocumentsToGo is one of several file management apps which enable users to view, edit, and create Microsoft Office 2007-2010 documents, (PDFs, and iWork files) on their iPad.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: DocumentsToGo

Office2 HD


With almost identical features & functionality as DocumentsToGo Premium, we recommend the Office2 HD app as the best option for accessing Microsoft Office and cloud documents (e.g. Google Docs) on the iPad.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Office HD



Pages is a feature-rich word processing app for iPad. Quick and easy to use, Pages is ideal for typing up notes, creating new documents, etc.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Pages



Numbers for iPad enables users to create and edit spreadsheets and data-entry forms (similar to Google Forms) on the iPad. This app will be useful for teachers and students, particularly in business and economics.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Numbers



Keynote for iPad, part of the iWork app suite, is a beautiful and powerful presentation tool. Users can create slideshows for projects, etc using the built-in templates, graphics, and animations.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Keynote



An app for viewing and sharing Microsoft PowerPoint presentations on the iPad

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: SlideShark

Prezi Viewer


An app for viewing Prezi’s on the iPad. A fantastic alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Prezi Viewer


Currently on sale for $0.99.

Normally $2.99

Penultimate is a powerful note-taking app for the iPad, enabling users to create an infinite number of beautiful electronic notebooks using different paper formats.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Penultimate

Bamboo Paper



Pro Version - $1.99 (via in-app purchase)

Similar to Penultimate, Bamboo Paper is a beautiful note-taking / sketching app. the free version is limited to 1 notebook, and use of a stylus is recommended.

This app allows pages to be shared via a VGA adaptor.

File Management Tools



GoodReader is a fantastic file management app; enabling users to save, organise, and read PDF files, MS Office & Apple iWork documents, Pages, Keynote, Numbers), images, webpages, audio, and video → all in one application on their iPad.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: GoodReader



Dropbox is a desktop and mobile app which enables users to quickly and easily sync and share files between multiple computers and mobile devices.

All you need is an Internet connection. No manuals. No fuss. It’s fast, simple, and secure.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Dropbox

News & Content Aggregators



Flipboard creates interactive digital magazines on your iPad based on your selection of social media feeds – from news websites, Twitter, RSS, blogs, Flickr, Facebook, and more. It brings reading to life!

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Flipboard

Research and Organisational Tools

Google Apps


The Google App brings the full functionality of Google Search to the iPad, and also enables users to access mobile versions of their Google applications (eg. Gmail, Docs, Reader).

Also includes voice search option.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Google Apps



Evernote for iPad is a cross-platform app for recalling / remembering information. You can use this app to save website screenshots, notes, pictures, and audio comments; and synchronise them across your computer, mobile devices, and web account.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Evernote


Currently on Sale - $0.99

Perhaps the very best note-taking app for the iPad, and a new personal favourite, Notability lets you handwrite / type / record notes, annotate / highlight documents, and organise information in a way which suits you.

Highly recommended.



A free Lite version is also available

A very useful app which combines the notebook and voice recorder to record lectures, meetings, notes, and then play them back at a later time.

An excellent free alternative is Smart Recorder Lite



Instapaper is a must-have iPad app which enables users to bookmark and save web articles, blog posts, tweets, other app content, news, etc for offline viewing later; in class, on the train, on your computer … literally anywhere.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Instapaper

Pocket (Read It Later)


The free alternative to Instagram, Pocket (formerly Read It Later), enables users to save articles, videos, and web pages for later offline viewing.

Content is automatically synced across your mobile devices & computer.



ScratchWork is a dual web browser & note-taking iPad application. Useful for literacy and maths, this app makes it easy to take notes from any webpage.

A paid ($2.99) alternative is SlingNote

Tools 4 Students


Tools 4 Students is an incredibly useful iPod Touch / iPad app, providing teachers and students with 25 different editable graphic organisers to organise their thinking and comprehend new information.

Highly recommended.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Tools 4 Students



Diigo provides a simple way to bookmark, annotate, and search web resources. Users can tag, highlight, and add sticky notes to ANY webpage, and then access their bookmarks on their computer, phones, or iPad.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Diigo



Skitch makes it easy to explain something, give instructions, or communicate ideas by annotating and drawing images.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Skitch

Dragon Dictation


Dragon Dictation is an speech-recognition app that allows users to instantly dictate text, emails, tweets, etc on their iPad, up to five times faster than typing on a keyboard.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Dragon Dictation


Free - Lite Version

Full Version - $5.49

Popplet is a hugely popular mind-mapping tool which enables teachers and students to visually represent and organise information using text, hyperlinks, images, and sticky notes (popples).

Highly recommended for all ages.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Popplet

Idea Sketch


A great free brainstorming / mind-mapping app for iPad, which allows you to copy and paste images and text from other apps.  

Slightly more complicated than Popplet, this app is suitable for middle primary to secondary students.

iCard Sort


iCard Sort is a visual brainstorming tool for iPad, which is useful for sorting, organising and categorising information, and share sorts with peers over WiFi.


Free (Ad-Supported)

LinoIt brings beautiful sticky notes to your iPad. A  fantastic visual brainstorming tool, LinoIt has great educational applications - e.g. World Water Day 2012 

Teachers may be interested in the (better) free, online version available at



Pro - $5.49

A simple, intuitive app for brainstorming, recording notes, and sharing information. The free version is good enough for schools.



Wikipanion is a simple, easy to use app for navigating Wikipedia on the iPad (without the need to launch Safari)

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Wikipanion

Free (Ad-Supported)

$2.99 (HD: Ad-Free)

The app brings a trusted (ad-free) dictionary and thesaurus, containing nearly 2 million words, definitions, synonyms, and antonymns, to the iPad.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide:



SyncSpace provides a real-time shared whiteboard / collaborative drawing space - syncing across devices using WiFi.




Screencasting is capturing what is on the screen of your iPad and adding a narration or music sound track.

Show Me is a simple screencasting app, providing a whiteboard, pens, eraser, and image import support. This app is extremely user-friendly; simply “Tap to record, and start talking”.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: ShowMe



Educreations is an incredible FREE interactive whiteboard tool available as an iPad app and online web tool. Once you create a (free) account, it is easy to add images, draw pictures, and write on the whiteboard slides as you explain your ideas.

Educreations is a more advanced app than ShowMe, and was specifically designed with educators in mind

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Educreations

Explain Everything


Explain Everything is being used in TIPS Research schools, and provides a way for teachers and students  to create video lessons, and share their learning.

This is the most advanced, and best screencasting app for the iPad.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Explain Everything



ReplayNote records users’ notes and thoughts as a screencast, which can then be exported to YouTube.

We recommend you also look at the Explain Everything app.




Pro Version - $2.99

The QRafter app enables students to scan QR codes to access online resources, images, etc. They can be used to share students’ work with their parents via mobile devices, and for online scavenger hunts.

We recommend the separate QRafter Pro app if you want to create your own QR codes.

DocScan HD


Pro Version - $4.49

DocScan HD turns your iPad into a document scanner, exporting images of your receipts / documents / whiteboard / posters etc as high-resolution PDF files. Includes annotation support. Highly recommended.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Review-Document Scanner

Perfect OCR


Perfect OCR is another excellent document scanner app for the iPad, enabling users to easily and accurately scan A4 / Letter sized documents, which can then be shared / emailed as PDF files.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Review- Document Scanner



Rover is the best browser for accessing educational Flash-based sites on your iPad. Enables student access to sites, such as Discovery Education and Mathletics. Highly recommended.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Review - iSwifter & Rover

Side by Side


Side by Side splits your iPad screen, enabling users to read two documents, web pages, etc simultaneously. A great multi-tasking tool with built-in note-taking and Dropbox support. (Recommended for teachers & secondary students).

Time Timer


The Time Timer app includes three countdown timers in one, and is suitable for science and maths classes. It may also be helpful for students with special needs.

Given its expense, we recommend exploring the free / 99c alternatives  (e.g. the free Lab Timers app)

Photography / Video / Storytelling

Comic Life


Comic Life for iPad is an easy-to-use comic / cartoon creation app for students from Grades 1-12. It provides a range of templates, and enables users to add pictures, captions, and special effects.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Comic Life

Strip Designer


Using Strip Designer, you can transform your photos into comic-book style images through the use of strip styles, speech bubbles, stickers, and frames.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Strip Designer



While we are still awaiting an official iPad app, the Animoto (iPhone) app is great for turning your photos and videos into wonderful video presentations



An easy-to-use digital-storytelling iPad app, SonicPics turns your photographs into narrated video slideshows, which can be shared with family and friends.

An iPad friendly alternative to Animoto.



(3 minute recording limit)

Audioboo is a simple app for recording and sharing your voice with the world. Useful for recording comments about student work, & oral language practice for ESL learners



VoiceThread is a fantastic digital-storytelling app for iPad. It enabling students to record voice / text comments around images / videos / topic of choice.

Some great examples of VoiceThread projects include: Kids Speak and Poetry Tag by Deb Frazier (USA)

PS Touch 


The PhotoShop Touch app brings Adobe’s powerful image editing tools to the iPad in a tablet-friendly format. Highly recommended.



Snapseed is quite simply one of the best photography apps for the iPad, and it’s free. It provides a wide range of image editing options and filters, and is suitable for upper primary - secondary classes. Recommended.


Free, with additional features available via in-app purchase

Toontastic is a play-based storytelling / animation / cartoon creation iPad app for young children (K-3).

Children create stories using their own voice and drawings; and share them with an authentic global audience via ToonTube.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Toontastic

Sock Puppets


Sock Puppets lets you create lip-synced videos using puppets, props, scenery, and backgrounds.

Unfortunately the free version is limited to 30 seconds. Additional features & extended recording are unlocked via in-app purchase.

PuppetPals HD


Director’s Pass - $2.99 


Puppet Pals HD is a highly regarded animation / storytelling app for iPad, suitable for K-10 students.

Students select characters, settings, and a title; and then narrate a story while animating the characters and props using their fingers.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: PuppetPals HD



A free iPhone (iPad compatible) app for creating simple videos using raw video and photos from your Camera Roll.

Comes with documentary-style video templates

Reel Director


Real Director is an alternative to iMovie for the iPad. It is a powerful video-editor, incorporating videos, photos, transitions, music, text overlays, etc.

A small download, and well worth experimenting with.



iMovie is an easy to use, touch based video-editing app for iPad. It enables students and teachers to create ‘professional’ movies & movie trailers,  incorporating video, photos, storyboards, music, and sound effects.

iMovie, and its rival Avid Studio, are the only two professional movie-editing apps in the iTunes Store.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: iMovie

VideoScribe HD


VideoScribe HD is an exciting animated video creation app - for telling stories, selling a product, explaining a process, etc …

You add text and drawings onto a canvas, set the timing, add a soundtrack, and watch as the ‘hand’ draws your creation … Animations can be published as videos.



A time-lapse / stop-motion video app for iPhone (iPad compatible). All photography & video compiling is done within the app.



This highly awarded app brings true ‘claymation’ to the iPad. With the ability to animate “clay” characters, and output high quality video, this app comes highly recommended by users worldwide.

It is; however, an expensive app; so teachers might be interested in experimenting with the (cheaper) iTimeLapse app, and real plasticine figures.

Early Childhood

DoodleCast for Kids


DoodleCast for Kids is an iPhone/iPad drawing app specifically designed for preschool children aged 3-6. The app provides visual (pictures and word bubbles), and audio prompts to support their drawings, and also allows them to create drawings from scratch.

Not to be confused with DoodleCast Pro.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: DoodleCast for Kids

Pocket Frogs


A popular app with young children, Pocket Frogs is all about discovering, collecting, trading, and breeding over 15 000 unique frogs on your iOS device.

fireworks 123


Fireworks 123 is an interactive ‘cause and effect’ app which helps develop early literacy skills and comprehension of descriptive language (for number, size and colour).

Doodle Buddy


Pro Version

A finger-painting iPad app which allows children to share a drawing space over WiFi. Comes with stencils, text, and stamps.

Little Story Maker


Little Story Maker makes it easy for young children to create simple stories using their own pictures & voice. These stories can then be played back and shared.

Play School Art Maker


The Play School Art Maker is a storytelling app for young children. Using Play School style images, kids can create pictures, movies, and animated stories through imaginative play. Recommended.




The iBooks iPad app is so much more than a glossy bookcase.

It is a place where you can share ePub e-books, PDF files, and student (and teacher) created resources; enabling users to curate a library of digital reading material on their iPad.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: iBooks



If you use a Kindle, this app will enable you to read your Kindle books on your iOS devices, and keep your bookmarks, highlights, and current page synced across all your devices.

Scribble Press


The highly-awarded Scribble Press for iPad lets kids create their own ebooks - from scratch, or using one of 50 story templates (e.g. The Dog Ate My Homework).

You can save books to your iBooks shelf or the online ScribblePress gallery, and download books created by other kids around the world.

Demibooks Composer


(Introductory Offer)

Demibooks Composer enables teachers and students to create touch-interactive ebooks on the iPad, incorporating, video, audio, images, text, and animations.

Recommendation: Get it while it’s free!

 Book Creator


This app makes it easy for teachers, and middle primary - secondary students to create and publish their own (short) story-books, projects, textbooks, cookbooks, etc using their own photos, text, audio, and eventually video.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Book Creator



Audiobooks gives users access to over 4 000 classic audiobooks on the iPad, as well as a collection of premium (paid) audiobooks.

Well worth exploring for personal use, or for secondary English classes.

Rory’s Story Cubes


Based on the award-winning Rory’s Story Cubes, this tactile Pad app provides pictorial prompts for oral storytelling / narrative writing. Great for “Listening & Speaking” activities.



(Some books require an in-app purchase)

SubText is a very useful iPad app for secondary English, enabling teachers and students to collaboratively read, annotate, ask questions, and explore weblinks - all in the margins of a shared class / group eBook (from Google Books)

** Not yet available in the Australian iTunes Store

First Impressions of SubText - Collaborative Reading App (Kennett English Blog)

Professor Garfield

Fact & Opinion


Forms of Media


Professor Garfield: Fact & Opinion is one of several “internet safety” / literacy apps which are being gradually released into the Australian iTunes Store (the full series is available in the US Store).

It explores issues regarding cyber-safety and critical reading of online information via a Garfield comic strip.



Chicktionary brings the popular word game to the iPad. Users unscramble a roost of letters to create words and score points. Provides word hints for non “Egg-heads” or younger players.

My Editing Buddy


A simple, user-friendly word-processor for primary school students, with built-in peer editing support. Looks like a good app for making editing and revising work interactive and fun.



Bluster is a great (free) word-matching game suitable for school aged children - adults.

It developes understandings of rhyming words, prefixes/suffixes, synonyms, homophones, and more; and can be played in single / partner mode.

Poetry Creator / Verses


(Extra features available via in-app purchase)

Poetry Creator enables users to create ‘fridge magnet’ word poems (from word-banks), and share their poetic creations with friends.

Additional dictionaries (word-banks) are available via in-app purchase. Worth experimenting with.

Literacy (Early Childhood Focus)

Australian/UK Kindergarten Sight Words


An early literacy app for iPad, focussing on the first 192 sight words for young children. Words are presented in an appropriate Australian font, and include sound recordings for each word.

Spell Blocks with Sight Words


Teaches children 200 Dolch sight words by reading the words aloud, and teaching them how to spell them by unscrambling the letters.

A very interactive app designed for small fingers, with over 30 000 downloads.

ABC Magnetic Alphabet

Free Lite Version

Full HD Version - $1.99

Highly recommended by early-childhood teachers, ABC Magnetic Alphabet brings magnetic letters & numbers to the iPad. Simple to use, and a great learning tool for young children.



This app requires children to move letters to complete words, and provides auditory feedback when they spell the correct word. Challenges increase in difficulty over time.

ABC Phonics Word Family (Pre, K)


Free (Lite Version)

The Phonics Word Family app provides the word phonics spelling, beginning sound, word family phonics, short vowel sound, and images with a lot of animations and interactions for each word.

The game helps children recognize common word patterns, and understand how the initial consonant, middle vowels, and ending consonant affect pronunciation.

ABC Phonics Rhyming Words (Pre, K, Gr 1)

Free (Lite Version)

Full - $2.99

A fun phonics game which requires children to match pairs of rhyming words. Develops understandings of word patterns, consonants, vowels, and pronunciation.

A - Z: Mrs Owl’s Learning Tree

Free (Lite)

Full Version - $1.99

Mrs Owl’s Learning Tree is an app to assist young children learning about the alphabet. Comes with a variety of letter, word, phonics, and alphabet games; supported by beautiful pictures, illustrations, and sound effects.

Silly Sentences

Free (Lite)

Full Version - $2.99

There are several versions of the Phonics Silly Sentences app, providing fun phonics activities for young children. Highly recommended.

Story Patch


Story Patch is a great picture-book creation app for young children, including a ready-to-use image library, story theme templates, customisable characters, and the ability to import your own photos.

Toy Story


An animated read-along version of the popular Toy Story.


Angle Meter


A simple app for accurately measuring angles. Useful for measurement and maths.

Quick Graph


Pro Version available

QuickGraph is simply the best graphing calculator app for the iPhone and iPad.

Using a simple visual & touch interface, this app makes it easy to enter, edit, and visualise 2D and 3D algebraic equations and inequalities (optional) in all standard coordinate systems.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Quick Graph



A simple reference directory of formulas for Algebra, Calculus, Chemistry, Geometry, Electrical, Trigonometry, and Physics

Calculator for iPad Free


Exactly as advertised. A great free calculator for iPad, suitable for all year levels.

Hands-On Math


All $1.99 each

The Hands On Maths series of apps includes: Hundeds Board, Base 10, Number Balance, Attribute Blocks, Number Sense, GeoBoard, and more.

These apps come highly recommended by teachers.

100s Board


A digital 100s board - great for counting and “guess my number” activities. A great educational app for K-12.



A great free random number / colour / coin-toss generator. Useful for chance and data activities.

Magic Plan


Magic Plan is an exciting app which enables users to create floor plans / birds-eye view of a space using the iPad camera & an augmented reality overlay.

Great for teaching spatial concepts, and well worth experimenting with.

Fractions App


A great visual tool for learning about fractions using everyday objects.

The game increases in difficulty as you master the concepts, and includes a basic set of revision tutorials.

Lemonade Stand


Lemonade Stand is a “tycoon-style” game which teaches basic business, marketing, and financial management skills.

I Have


A fun mental maths game for 4 players. Great for practicing maths operations.

Motion Math HD


Free (Zoom)

Free (Hungry Fish)

Highly recommended by teachers, the Motion Maths apps reinforce place value, fractions, and number-line operations through fun games. Suitable for Yrs 1-6.

The free apps are Lite versions, with full levels unlocked via in-app purchase.

Numbers League


Numbers League is a fun ‘superhero’ style game which reinforces basic maths facts. Up to four people can play together, and the game is suitably challenging for children and adults.

Survey Boy


Survey Boy is a fantastic app for constructing and conducting surveys, and representing results in pie-chart format. Includes a comprehensive question and suggested answer bank.

Sadly, at this stage, the app does not allow students to  input their own questions & possible answers.

Slice It!


Slice It! is a useful app for teaching spatial concepts (e.g. shapes, lines of reflection) and fractions (concept of halving). Recommended for primary students.

Live Mathletics!


This iPad compatible app brings the Live Mathletics Challenge to the iPad. Students can verse classmates over Bluetooth, or with mathletes around the world over a WiFi connection.

To access the Mathletics website on the iPad, we recommend trying Rover.

Numeracy (Early Childhood Focus)

Jungle Time


A simple, engaging multilingual clock which helps teach children how to tell the time, coming complete with time maths problems.

There is a separate version available for iPhone / iPod Touch

Math Ninja HD

Free (Lite Version)

Full Version - $1.99

An action packed game which requires children to use their maths skills to defend their treehouse against “a hungry tomato and their robot army”.

Comes with options to customise focus maths operations and number ranges.

Free Kids Counting Game


A counting game for K/P children which helps to develop number recognition and counting skills.

Counting and Matching


A completely free iPad app for K, Pre, and Grade 1 children to practice number recognition, counting, matching, & explore colours and shapes.

For a directory of similar (mostly free) apps, visit:

Number Series 1


A completely free iPad app for K, Pre, and Grade 1 children to learn numbers and build number sense. Creates visually engaging ‘worksheets’ for student practice.


Tinkerbox HD


TinkerBox HD is an engaging physics / engineering puzzle game which encourages kids to create outrageous machines and inventions.

Suitable for all ages.

How Stuff Works


The How Stuff Works app brings a world of science and technology podcasts, quizzes, articles, and videos to your iPad.

The Elements


The Elements: A Visual Exploration, by Theodore Gray, is a simply stunning iPad eBook with mesmerising high-definition graphics, videos, and detailed information for every element in the Periodic Table.

Worth every cent, but it’s a huge 1.7GB download

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: The Elements

Solar System


Published by the same company as The Elements, the app: The Solar System for iPad is a richly interactive eBook exploration of space, astronomy, and exploration.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Solar System

Star Rover HD


The Star Rover HD app is a great way to explore the night sky. Simply point your iPad at the sky, and the app will tell you what star / planet / object you are looking at.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Star Rover HD

Star Walk


A truly stunning iPad app, Star Walk provides an augmented reality view of the night sky above. Point your iPad camera at the sky, and it will match (and identify) the constellations and star formations above.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Star Walk

Solar Walk


Solar Walk is a stunning 3D Solar System model for iPhone / iPad (and now Mac), from the makers of Star Walk. It enables users to explore (fly though) a scale model of the solar system, exploring the planets, moons, satellites, etc.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Solar Walk

Our Choice


Written by Al Gore, Our Choice is the sequel to An Inconvenient Truth, and is a rich multimedia exploration of the science of climate change and climate action.

Be warned! This app requires an enormous (and slow) 2GB+ WiFi download of chapter content!

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Our Choice



A 3D guide to the Solar System, with over 7 million downloads. Explore the sky in 2D and 3D views.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Planets

NASA Visualisation Explorer


The NASA Visualisation Explorer app brings the latest space research news and science story to your iPad.

While this app requires wifi (and iOS 5.1), you can save stories to your iPad for offline viewing.

Science 360


The Science 360 app brings a world of science news, information, images, and videos to the iPad. Featuring a unique 360 degree view, users can find content through touch gestures, or via keyword search using the keyboard.

Note: Requires a very strong WiFi connection

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Science 360



VideoScience is a great free app which brings over 80 hands-on science experiments / lessons for home and classroom use.

Teachers can download videos for offline viewing.

Science Glossary @ VisionLearning


A science glossary with links to online education resources at 

Designed for secondary and university students.

e-Science Magazine


A new, FREE quarterly iPad magazine written by science researchers. A fantastic resource for secondary teachers which explores the “10 Big Questions in Science”. 

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: eScience Magazine



Molecules is an iPad app for displaying and manipulating 3D renderings of molecules with your fingers.

You can download new molecules from the RCSB Protein Data Bank (, or NCBI's PubChem ( 

Periodic Table of the Elements


The Periodic Table of the Elements for the iPad enables users to explore the periodic table - by selecting an element, and examining its traits -e.g. atomic number, boiling point, state, etc.  

3D Brain


An interesting visualization app for exploring the brain in 3D. Explores 29 interactive brain structures and effects of brain injury. Provides links to modern brain research.

Hudson iCell


iCell for iPad brings incredibly accurate, realistic 3D cell models to the iPad. You can use this app to explore the cellular structures of plant, animal, and bacterial cells.

Designed for the iPad touch interface, users can pinch and zoom, and drag to explore the structures.

Project Noah


Project Noah is a highly awarded education app, crowdsourcing global wildlife and biodiversity encounters, raising environmental awareness ( 

It enables users to:

1) Take photographs of, and scientifically describe plants / animals, and submit them to the community

2) Find plants / animals spotted near your location

3) Gather data for scientific / environmental research projects.



A simple reference directory of formulas for Algebra, Calculus, Chemistry, Geometry, Electrical, Trigonometry, and Physics

Social Studies / History

World Factbook


The CIA World Factbook brings extensive information on geography, maps, economics, population, etc on over 250 countries to your iPad.

Highly recommended for Social Studies / Geography teachers.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: World Factbook

History: Maps of the World


History: Maps of the World is a free iPod & iPad app for Social Studies, History, and Geography teachers, compiling maps from different eras throughout history.

Viewers can explore maps by theme, historical events, and geography.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: History - Maps of the World

Google Earth


This app brings the power of Google Earth to the iPad, enabling users to access the same imagery as the desktop version via a touch interface.

Note: This is a very wifi-intensive app.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Google Earth


Drawing Pad


The highly-awarded Drawing Pad app is a fun early-childhood app, where you can create drawings using realistic crayons, paint brushes, pencils, pens, and more. Ideal for storytelling & narrative illustrations.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Drawing Pad



The Brushes app is a beautiful professional painting app for the iPad. With realistic colours, hues, saturation, and colour-mixing, this app is ideal for art teachers and students.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Brushes



iDraw is a professional vector drawing and illustration app for the iPad, similar to Adobe Illustrator. It enables users to create complex designs, artworks, and illustrations on their iPads.



Technically an iPhone app, but compatible with iPad, this is a wonderful creative app which turns words and photos into art.

Applications are only limited by your imagination.

Art Set


Art Set is a beautiful art app with realistic pencils, pens, pastels, paints, and brushes.

A fantastic alternative to the more expensive art apps, and great for primary classes.




GarageBand turns your iPad (iPhone, iPod) into a full-featured music recording studio, where you can

play instruments, record music, and share songs / podcasts.

Be warned - it is a massive download!

TIPS2012 iPad App Guide: GarageBand



NanoStudio is a recording studio for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It features virtual analogue synths, sample trigger pads, a comprehensive sequencer, a sample editor, mixer and multiple effects - all in the one application.

You can download a free (development) version for OS X / Windows from

Virtuoso Piano Free


This is a great free music app, which turns your iPod Touch / iPhone / iPad into a piano.


The Sneetches


The original Dr Seuss tale, complete with audio narration and beautiful illustrations.

Hot Apps 4 HOTS


This is a free eBook exploring iOS applications and learning activities which promote higher order thinking skills.

Highly recommended read. To find out more, visit

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore


Awarded the “App of the Year” in 2011, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore blurs the line between picture book and film.

An inspiring, visually stunning story about books, and people who look after them.

Animalia for iPad


A beautiful anniversary edition of Animalia for iPad complete with interactive games, and zoomable illustrations.

Free Books - 23,469 classics


A free library of public-domain books & great historical literature - e.g. Shakespeare’s plays, Victorian novels …. Maybe useful for secondary English teachers.

Physical Education

The PE Geek


Created by  a PE Technology Integrator, Jarrod Robinson (@mrrobbo), this app provides quick access to Jarrod’s blog, conference materials, social media links, and links to his iOS apps and iBook resources.

G.A.P.S. Sports Coaching

Free Lite Version

Full versions for each sport via $0.99 in-app purchases

The Games, Activities, Practices, Skills app is a fantastic planning aid for sports coaches and PE teachers. Includes lesson and management notes, and works offline (with the ability to sync data with your web browser and iPhone).



A guide designed to support secondary Physical Education students in Victoria in their studies. Includes links to up-to-date sports videos, podcasts, and learning materials.



A motivational health diary for the iPad, enabling students to monitor and track their physical and nutritional fitness.



Create step-by-step “how-to” guides, and share via social networks. Great for PE teachers interested in creating skill demonstration videos for student use.



A free iPhone/iPad app for video analysis of movement and ball possession in athletic / team sport activities. Provides detailed statistics and analysis options, with ability to export data via email.



Another free video analysis iPhone/iPad app which enables teachers to gather statistical data about aspects of lessons or matches (e.g. analysing skill demonstrations and key performance indicators).



An iPhone (iPad compatible) app for recording slow motion video and reviewing movement. Useful for student review of skills.

Just Dance 3 Autodance for iPad


A simple app for making dancing fun … students record their friends’ movements, and the app will automatically sync their movements to a dance track - making an instant dance music video.



A free iPhone/iPad app for keeping a clear and precise beat. Recommended by PE Teachers for use with fitness tests and training sessions.

Make My Groups

Lite (Free)


Make My Groups is an iPhone/iPad app for creating random groups / teams of students by tapping or shaking your device. Great for teachers, coaches, etc. Import class lists via Dropbox.

PE Plus


The PE Plus iPhone (iPad compatible) app contains over 100 minor PE / Daily Fitness games, complete with lesson ideas and plans.

Lessons suitable for primary - secondary classes, and range from short fitness games to full sport lessons.

Sports Rules


Designed for PE teachers, coaches, and athletes, Sports Rules contains detailed rules and information about the 18 most common sports played in PE classes (e.g. AFL, Basketball, Netball, etc). Ideal for teachers and student umpires.

PE Apps


Created by Jarrod Robinson, this app contains a comprehensive database of recommended Physical Education apps for iOS devices.

Worth exploring.




The InDecision iPhone (iPad compatible) app is a nifty app for teaching children how to make decisions. Suitable for all ages.

Aurasma Lite


Augmented reality combines computer graphics and  images of natural objects to make a 3D image or simulation.

In classroom contexts, teachers are linking images of student work to videos / animations - which are then projected over the image when viewed within the app.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Aurasma

Student Apps



InClass is a schedule and multimedia note-taking app designed specifically for students. While it is slightly complicated to set up at first, we recommend this app for app for secondary students.

Special Needs

Find Me Autism


Find Me Autism is an app designed to assist young children with autism to practice their social skills, with a focus of attending to people.

Suitable for children 18 months - 4 years, and hopefully the first in a series.


(Wipe & Learn)


Toddler Sandbox, formerly  known as “Wipe and Learn”, is an early-learning iPad app for K-2 children, which is also highly recommended for children with special needs.

It requires close attention, accuracy and fine motor skills to complete successfully, making it a useful app for developing fine motor skills and word recognition.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Toddler Sandbox


Free 7 Day Trial


Sōsh is an iPhone app (works on iTouch & iPad) designed to help teenagers and young adults with special needs, particularly Asperger’s Syndrome, develop their social skills.

It focuses on five essential abilities for social skills development: Relate, Relax, Reason, Regulate, and Recognize.

TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide: Sōsh

soundAMP R


Free, Lite version available

The soundAMP R app is designed for students who are hard-of-hearing, or struggle with auditory overload in noisy environments.

It allows you to amplify sounds around you in real-time, even while you are working on other activities on the iPad. (Works best with earpieces / headphones)

Behaviour Lens


This specialist app for teachers and therapists records timed intervals of behaviours and generates professional standard reports. Highly recommended by Behaviour Intervention Specialists.

Behaviour Lens 

iPad Apps to Help Modify Behaviour

Autism Apps


Autism Apps gives a comprehensive overview of apps that can be used to modify behaviour, support social interactions and promote communication with students with Autism Spectrum Disorder & Down Syndrome.



Autism Express is a fun app designed to help children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to identify facial expressions, and express their emotions. Comes with good reviews from parents with autistic children.

Mobile Education Apps


The Mobile Education apps are specifically designed to develop students’ language skills - including ESL, low-literacy learners, and students with diverse educational needs.

These apps are also available in iPhone / iTouch versions. For more information, please visit:

   TIPS 2012 iPad App Guide is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.