March 30, 2017 – RELIEF SOCIETY

We had the opportunity to meet at the Relief Society Building to listen to the General Relief Society Presidency.

Outside of the Relief Society Building

Conducting:  Sister Williams and Sister Hulme
Accompanist:  Sister Lai
Chorister:  Sister Hickman

Special Number:  The French Sisters – “Remember”

French Sisters

Opening Prayer:  Sister Gillis
Purpose:  Sister Chiu

Sister Chiu

•        iPads need to be cleaned off and turned in on Monday
•        Scales are by the doors for those that need to weigh luggage

Roleplay: Sister Liu, Takeshege, Elder and Sister Sharp, Sister Mark and Sister Zafarana

L-R: Elder and Sister Sharp, Sister Zafarana and Sister Mark
Right:  Sister Liu and Sister Takeshege

Elder and Sister Sharp, Sister Takeshege and Sister Liu

The roleplay was how to ask for referrals from members during conference weekend.

Sister Linda Reeves – Second Counselor General Relief Society Presidency

Sister Reeves bore testimony as to what a privilege it is to sit at the feet of President Monson and the apostles.  She asked how many sisters were baptized after the age of eight.  About one-third raised their hands.  She asked how many were baptized after the age of 16, still quite a few raised their hands.

Sister Reeves asked what feelings we had on entering this room.  
•        Sister Gomes said she was grateful for the sacrifice of all these women who are pictured.  
•        Sister Kolarova said she is from a small country where the church is not organized well.  She loves seeing the organization.  
•        Sister Triptree said we are not alone when we are having difficulty in teaching.
•        Steffensen said that she could feel the love of our Heavenly Father.

There have been many ambassadors and their wives visit the building.  They frequently comment on the sacred and holy feeling they feel there.  One such woman from India walked into this room in a state of awe, amazement at the power in the room.  A great deal of power comes from righteousness and goodness.

During the Women’s Session President Eyring talked about unity.  What difference does unity make in a companionship?  Some of the comments were:  support and lift each other, strengthen each other and help grow to what we can become, and trainers make all the difference.

Sister Carole Stephens First Counselor – General Relief Society Presidency

Sister Stevens told us that when President Eyring set her apart, he promised her that she would feel Heavenly Father’s love for His daughters all over and she has.  There are now 7 million women in Relief Society.

Sister Stevens showed us the purpose of Relief Society.


Our work is the purpose of salvation.  Who do we work in unity with?  The Spirit and the priesthood, side by side, along with other sisters in Relief Society.  She quoted Moses 1:39.  Our work is His work.

Sister Linda Burton – Relief Society General President

Sister Burton told us that she can truly feel God’s love for His daughters.  Her husband is the ward mission leader.  Craig and his companion go out visiting twice a week.  They knocked on a door in an apartment complex.  A man answered the door.  They asked him if he was a Mormon and he replied no.  They asked would you like to know more?  He said yes he would.  Three years ago in a hospital he met Elder Holland and was taught the restoration.  Now he felt that he would like to learn more.

Closing Hymn:  #249  Called to Serve

L-R: Sisters Myagmar, Lee, Kemple, Pech, Strihavka, Carrus, Zafarana, Fehlmann, Takeshege, Canda, Albos, Chua, Lybbert, Samamé, Carvalho and Hammer (Not pictured Elder and Sister Sharp)

Closing Prayer:  Sister Mariano