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What is a Gobo?  A gobo projector-- also referred to as monogram lighting-- is among the latest patterns for weddings and special events. In general terms, a gobo is an image that is projected onto a wall or dance floor, usually displaying the names of a bridal couple, wedding event date, or monogram. Technically speaking, a gobo is a disc that light shines through to project an image onto any surface. The word "gobo" stands for "Precedes Optics." A special gobo projector is used to forecast the gobo image. The gobo projector has lenses that focus and form the light after it hits the gobo image. LED gobo projectors utilize-- as the name suggests-- LED lights, which produce an ideal image while utilizing less energy than a standard light. Gobos can be made from a variety of products, consisting of transparency (plastic), steel, and glass. The quality of the predicted image varies based upon the kind of product utilized for the gobo.

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Give your event the WOW factor by adding a custom gobo to your wedding!  Gobos can be projected onto the wall or the dance floor.

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The advantages of transparency gobos are that they are the most budget-friendly option, they enable more complex style choices, and quicker turn-around time is possible. The negatives are that the image may not be as clear, there can be brightness problems depending on the forecast surface area, and there can be some "fuzziness" around the gobo style. The image quality will also depend upon the surface on which it is being forecasted. For example, a gobo forecasted on a white wall will appear extremely bright, while a gobo projected on a dark wood dance floor will not appear quite as bright. There are three techniques to making the fuzziness imperfections less visible: predicting the gobo onto a patterned or textured surface (such as a dance flooring), combining the gobo with uplighting, and using a color filter. A color filter is merely a thin disc made from colored plastic. The color filter disc is put over the gobo disc, and the two discs are then placed into the gobo projector. If you lease a gobo projector, you do not actually have to fret about all these technical information. The projector will get here pre-loaded with your gobo style, and all you have to do is plug in the projector and point it at a wall. A great alternative for do-it-yourself monogram lighting!

Wedding Lighting and Uplighting Envision the Possibilities

Genuinely exceptional weddings amuse all the guest's senses. The very first sense that you entertain is sight. Lighting can turn an any place into something truly special and distinct. Lighting unites all the aspects and decor so that you and your guests have a memorable night. We offer a number of lighting options and will work with you to picture exactly what is possible. Uplighting We provide color match uplighting for wedding events with our LED lights. These lights are placed around the space, behind the dance flooring or along architectural features of the location to accent the colors of your celebration and include heat to the general space. Uplighting is among the most cost effective and remarkable ways of making your wedding genuinely memorable and memorable.

Monogram Lighting and Style

We have outstanding designers we work with who deal with you to produce a custom-made monogram that you can use for your whole wedding event in addition to a customized light. We can likewise work with monogram styles you may currently have. Duplicating the monogram that you utilize on invitations, the cake, and other aspects of your wedding can truly unite all the Clements of your wedding event into a cohesive whole. Your monogram will be created into a customized high temperature glass that will reveal your monogram in a prominent location in the space individualizing the space instantly. We can develop contemporary art style designs or standard monograms to fit your personal tastes. Monograms are impressive by themselves or work extremely well with uplighting. Dance Lighting We provide dance lighting that quickly seems beauty, sophistication, and matches the mood of your wedding and shows the music being played. Picture dancing under the stars that gradually twinkle and move, envision the colors completely synched with the music throughout the dance songs, envision the lights gradually fading in the background during the slower songs. We offer a variety of elegant options when choosing lighting proper for dancing at your wedding event. These lights are not the "disco" lights that you may be utilized to, but are used at some of the most prominent weddings and occasions in Miami that perfectly bring all of the elements of the wedding event together.

Sparkling Lights and Decorative Trees

is a fantastic way to bring depth, warmth and beauty to your wedding. Green trees in ornamental planters with twinkle lights interspersed in between the branches. They can be set to still or twinkle and will cast a warm radiance throughout the room as your visitors take pleasure in the evening. These ornamental trees are a terrific method to include a great deal of effect and aid soften an area. Focal point Lighting Specialty centerpiece lighting brings splashes of color to your visitors tables. Working with your floral designer or centerpiece designer we can include light that matches your wedding colors or gradually fades from color to color into your centerpieces. This is a fantastic method to include punch and sophistication to each and everyone of your tables. This is a great alternative when you are limited by open flame laws or limited by space. Having uplighting in the corners of the room can generate to the colors of all the focal points too. The picture to the best shows uplighting behind the tree and among our twinkle light trees.

Cake Lighting/ Spotlighting

We offer spotlights to highlight essential pieces or locations of the space. One example would be the cake. Cake area lighting is the very best method highlight the details that you and your cake designer developed for your cake. Do not make your guests have a hard time to see your cake in the dark, cake spot lighting is the perfect way to highlight the masterpiece in the space created specifically for your wedding! Bubbles and Snow We have bubble makers and snow makers that may fit in perfectly with your wedding. The bubble makers can create hundreds of bubbles that can be wonderful for entryways, first dances, or gently welcoming visitors at the place, enabling them to engage with the area from the minute they action in. These can be a wonderful addition when you have a lot of kids at the wedding event as it can keep them entertained for a long period of time. We have snow machines that create a simulated snow that can cascade down throughout slow dances that can be a fantastic touch to for vacation weddings. Color Match Lighting We provide exactly what we call "color-match lighting." Using light producing diodes (LED) lights we can completely match nearly any color you pick for your vacation celebration. Bringing together the colors for your wedding event and adding a special component that welcomes visitors right as they enter the room. Utilizing these lights we can accent the aspects of the venue for you. Lots of wedding party halls feature lovely white columns, arches, or functions that transform into beautiful canvases that display your accent colors genuinely bringing in the spirit of your wedding and setting the tone of the night as something unique. These lights also work well in conjunction with crystal chandeliers truly enabling them to sparkle and shine remarkably. Book Your Wedding Lighting Today! We deal with you to come up with one- of-a-kind lighting options for your wedding that will really set your wedding event apart and make it genuinely individual and unique. We can work within your spending plan to create the biggest effect. We have actually worked at a number of the very best locations in Florida and other states and can use our individual insight as to exactly what the very best lighting options will be for each place. This type of proficiency and integration into your home entertainment is what makes DJ Jason and Associates one of the very best DJ wedding and events- entertainment companies

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