Mountain Pacific Curling Association
Board of Directors Meeting  |  Fall 2014

Thursday October 9, 2014 7pm (pacific)
Call-in Information:

x Brian Patrick (President)
x BriAnna Weldon (Secretary
x Don Eshelby (Treasurer)


Tim Irish ( – Ogden CC
Julie Breton ( – Wine Country CC
ke Wolfe ( – Cache Valley Stone Association
x Brian ( – San Francisco Bay Area CC (proxy)
x Larry
 ( – Hollywood Curling (proxy)
x Brian Walsh ( – Curl San Diego
x Art ( – Evergreen CC (proxy)
x Don Eshelby ( – Boise CC
Debbie Basrak ( – Park City CC
Mike Shaw ( – Coyotes CC
x Olivia Stella ( – Orange County CC
x Barry Bollenbacher ( – Missoula CC
Nick Kitinski ( – Las Vegas Curling
Suzette Machado ( – Klamath Falls Curling
x Lanny Derby ( – Oval Curling Club
Larry Sidney ( – Lake Tahoe Epic Curling
Merwyn Nash ( – McCall Curling Club
x Peter Hicks

  1. Welcoming new board members! Mike, Barry, Olivia

  1. Updates & Announcements
  1. Treasurer’s Report (Don)
  1. 501(c)(3) status

See treasurer’s report; 9939.93$ balance.
Cache Valley dues are paid up today.
PayPal is not on the books yet.

We have obtained 501(c)(3) status - can solicit donations they will get receipt/benefit as a donor.

  1. Secretary’s Report (Bri)
  1. Going to create a MoPac media guide with BoD, club board members, league nights, websites for reference. Because I don’t know when USCA will produce their guide, if we want it soon, I can make a Google Survey to collect info.

Presidents, treasurers, and MoPac Director info. Will send out a Google Form to directors and presidents please fill it out!

  1. MoPac Open in Missoula March 27-29 2015 (Barry)

See the flyer that came out. MoPac only division & at-large division for the west. Then a playoff for overall champion. At the same time is a Fun Spiel 5U for local Montana teams.
Proximity of Montana clubs? 2-4 hours away
Whitefish and Coeur d’Alene are interested in joining MoPac, and there is a Montana Curling Network that Missoula is part of.

  1. Other

-Getting close to the end of the year, so start reaching out to clubs to get dues in so we get all of our votes/representation. Submit mass before deadlines and trickle-ins are allowed.

-OCCC Bonspiel “Surf City Spiel” June 12-14 (Friday-Sunday)

  1. Management & Other Topics
  1. Vice President Position (Michael)

Michael is moving to Colorado and is resigning as VP. Will continue to help with the Competitive Committee and will do the 5U this year. We’ll open nominations for VP immediately. Send to BriAnna deadline for nominations TBA

  1. Reciprocal Memberships

USCA has category of memberships for members of multiple clubs. Last year MoPac charged double because we didn’t have a policy. Most clubs handle reciprocal memberships on their own.

Subbing outside your home club? Differing clubs have different policies - in SF, it’s at the discretion at the drawmaster whether or not spares curl for free, at the member rate, “token donation” etc.

Future need might be a regional guideline on reciprocal memberships/subbing outside of your home club - **Action Items, return to your club boards and encourage the clubs to work together or get consent to work on a regional guideline on reciprocal subbing as a MoPac board (all)
Motion: MoPac members only have to pay dues through the club where their USCA dues reside. (Brian, Art). Motion carries.

**Action Item: research which club someone is eligible to playdown as a representative of (Brian)

  1. Training Schedule (Don)

List of all of training schedules for all the clubs for the benefit of all MoPac members.
Know who MoPac/USCA trainers are and request them for training

**Bri to include on google form

  1. MoPac Dues (Brian/Don)

Raise MoPac dues from 3$ to 5$.
What’s the purpose? What do the additional 2$ provide to the members of MoPac? matching grants, and other funding requests that come to the MoPac board. (training equipment, rock loans, insurance) competitions/regional spiels

Because clubs have different calendars, the increase begins at the next dues collection - or make it effective July 1, 2015

Motion: Increase MoPac dues to 5$ effective July 1, 2015. (Brian, Don). Motion carries.  
**Action Items: draft up ways to use fees to the benefit of the membership: coaching, officiating, training availability for regional competitive curlers, training equipment

  1. Hawai`i Club (Brian)

Club accepted into USCA as an at-large club. Nick and Gabrielle have contacts at the new club. New bylaws allow Hawai`i to petition, to member meeting, and the club would be admitted to the region. USCA says Hawai`i isn’t an admitted club, so we’ll reach out to them and continue to pursue them.

Alaska has been lumped in as an at-large, but still exist as a state association. If an Alaskan club petitions, they are free to join MoPac.

  1. Committees & Memberships
  1. Competition (Michael or other rep)
  1. Playdowns

Registration is open. M/W at Phx. Mixed at Evergreen. Next year it flips. Regional fees this year are 175$ and next year 150$ (+USCA fees (440$)). Dates: M/W Jan 16-19, Mixed Feb 6-8. Deadline is Nov 12th for M/W, Jan 7th for mixed

  1. 5U

In Seattle (probably the last year and try to move it into our region). April 18/19

  1. Championship Banners & Patches

MoPac is not going to buy the banners anymore to keep the cost down, and we’re switch to chevrons with the event years. Clubs can purchase banners from Don.
We don’t have pins right now.
Motion: Request up to 500$ to purchase MoPac pins. (Don, Larry). Motion Carries.

  1. Other?
  1. USCA Updates
  1. Member’s Meeting

Annual Member’s Assembly starts tomorrow in Denver. Nick isn’t able to go. Matt Gamboa is presenting at the event we have assigned our regional votes to him. Only thing there is to vote on are the club petitions.
Next year, we’re going to be more proactive about getting folks there.
Olivia is going and we’ll get updates from her about the workshops (Google Docs, Instagram @oliviacurls and facebook)

  1. Other Clarifications
  1. Round Robin/wrap up
  1. Support for clubs (new start ups, equip, financial/other)
  2. Other Topics

Coyotes may have an extra set of rocks for new clubs (not sure they own them… rent to own kind of deal).

Been approached by several clubs in Canada that have rocks for sale.

  1. Next meeting

Targeting a mid-December meeting. And there will be communication offline on dues collection. Then again in late March.

Next thing is the Vice President nominations and will have electronic vote and get the next transition through.

Motion to adjourn. 8:42


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