Kyle Vlaros


Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


On a world hidden from earth, an alien race existed, ruled by a single shaman that knew all knowledge. In time, the reigning shaman could not choose a successor between his two sons. Instead, he ushered them out to the desert and died, leaving behind a white and black stone, splitting his kingdom in half.

The light kingdom, Androth, followed the ways of the past, but the dark kingdom, Ka’dra’suul, rejected the stone and its people transformed into monsters. War between the two lands was inevitable.

Eventually, the light kingdom, ruled most recently by King Vlaros, was overrun by monsters. His last act was to teleport his son, Kyle, to Earth with the light stone to keep it safe and protected until he could return to Tuul to overthrow Sarlac and unite the broken world once more.

Jeff’s Choices



Trait- “Pump Shotgun”

Kyle is known for his trusty pump shotgun in Blackthorn. In Heroes of the Storm it would be no different. Kyle would be an auto attack assassin with more powerful auto attacks that would have a slower than normal auto attack animation. His shotgun would also do increased damage to foes that were closer to him when fired- in true video game shotgun fashion.

Mount- Levitation Board

Q- “Off Hand Explosive Round”

Kyle can choose to fire this shot from his shotgun and as he reaches out with one bad ass hand and fires it. This shot can't miss and deals max damage no matter the range due to it being a know explosive round. This shot can also be fired blind behind Kyle as he is running away.

W- “Remote Wasp”

Kyle can place up to 3 remote bombs on the battlefield that can be activated at the same time exploding and dealing damage to all enemies in the area. This ability does increased damage to heroes.

E- “Wall Hug”

During his battles in Blackthorne Kyle became a master of dodging enemies attacks by hugging himself to the wall and allowing the bullets to fly right by him. In the nexus this is represented by Kyle having a Varian like perry move, but unlike Varian, Kyle would be able to only dodge ability attacks. When activated Kyle will be ready for the next ability that is tossed his way for a short amount of time. When the ability is on the way he would jump out of the way in the closest direction and not take the damage.

Heroic 1- “Witness True Strength!”

When this heroic is used Kyle's shotgun becomes fully upgraded and does not need to be pumped to keep firing. It also becomes fully auto and fires explosive rounds dealing massive damage! This only lasts for a short amount of time but during this ability Kyle is a one man killing machine.

Heroic 2- “Lightstone” 

Kyle wields the power of the lightstone and it gives him incredible strength! This is a passive ability that allows Kyle to permanently wield 2 shotguns dealing massive damage to the enemy!

Specialty Skin: Rambo Skin disguised as Kyle Fergusson

Dance: One arm shotgun pump or limbo under levitated shotgun

Kristen’s Choices






        Run N Gun

During his time on earth, Vlaros learned the importance of being able to protect your own back. Because of this, Kyle has the power to fire off his basic attacks and abilities behind him as well as in front.




        Stealthy Run


Duck and Roll

Master of dodge, Kyle ducks down and rolls around, giving him increased movement and evade.


Hover Bomb

Kyle chucks a bomb of glowing blue light. This bomb locks onto a target and chases after them, dealing massive damage once it hits. Unfortunately, if Kyle is too close, he will suffer damage as well.


Health Potion

Pulling out a vial gifted to him by one of his brethren, Kyle drinks quickly, chucking the vial to the side while regaining health. The broken shards of glass inflict damage to anyone that steps in the area, and to keep with tradition, Kyle has a set number of health potions per level.


Trip This

Working fast, Kyle sets up switch plates around an area. If an enemy steps on this plate (or all of the plates), a turret tied to the plate will pop up from the ground and lock onto the enemy until they are either dead, the turret is destroyed or the turret runs out of ammo.


        Quit Falling for Me

With this Heroic, Vlaros can now set ground traps across the map. When stepped on by an enemy Hero, said enemy will fall into a pit of spikes that deals damage over time. These spikes can be attacked and, once destroyed, removes the trap from the battlefield.


        Topper Harley (from Hot Shots! Part Deux)

Has a kill count going on the side screen and throws bullets instead of firing his shotgun.



Kyle Vlaros doesn’t dance, he flexes.