Have you ever stumbled into a conversation that’s been going on for awhile and felt a little lost?

What are these people talking about?

Why are they so fired up?

What’s the argument even about?

You are lacking an understanding of the context of the conversation.  Some people burst into the conversation or argument without bothering to figure out the context. They don’t listen first.  Smarter people listen first and then react.

Sometimes, looking at a piece of art can feel like you’ve just burst into a conversation that’s been going on for awhile. A piece of art is a conversation the artist is having with the audience. He or she is trying to tell you something. The art has a purpose.  You (the audience) can feel a little clueless about the purpose if you don’t understand the context.

Before we go to the DIA on Tuesday, you’re going to spend some time learning about the context.  You won’t know everything, but understanding some context should help improve your understanding of the art you see.  

While you visit the DIA on Tuesday, you’ll take careful notes about the “conversations” you see.  What do you already know about the context (time period, what was happening in the world, where was the artist from, etc)?  What do you need to find out to help you understand it better?  You will choose at least two pieces on which you can focus (a first and second choice).

When you return from the DIA, you’ll do more research using the LMC class assignment page to help you learn more about the two pieces. You’ll choose one and deepen your research about that piece for your informational essay.

English 10A                Common Research Writing Assignment 2015-2016                

 40 points

Assignment:  For this research assessment, you will choose an art piece from your Detroit Institute of Arts field trip.  If you do not attend, a selection of options will be given to you.

Before you leave for the museum, you will engage in research about the different areas of the museum: African American Art, the Rivera Court, etc. You will also begin exploring  the different artists included in those areas.  You will use that research to help guide your tour of the museum.  While at the museum, you should choose at least two pieces for your research--a favorite and a back-up. Upon return from the field trip, you will complete research about one of the pieces determining the context, audience, and purpose for the work of art and artist.  These details will be compiled and summarized using appropriate MLA citation in a research writing essay.  

Your essay must answer the following question:

How did the author’s context influence the piece?

Grading: Your entire research writing assessment will be scored using all strands of the Novi School District Informational Rubric.  The assessment will be rewritten until proficiency is achieved using firm deadlines determined by the teacher.

Your final paper must:

Writing Style: