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Crawley & Dist 4-Pin League - the only league in the only county south of the Thames offering competitive 4-Pin play.  *(see below)

This competition is now looking ahead to its third year: The plan is that from now on it will come under the auspices of the H.D.B.B.L. and become our Summer competition.

An open invitation for venues from Horsham/Billingshurst and the Mid Sussex area (within reason) to enter a team (or two teams) of three players. All we ask is you use a home venue loosely within our district.

 We may have reached the stage where in order to try to raise the profile of the competition we will have to charge an entry fee to be able to provide some worthwhile prizes; (We are grateful for the sponsorship provided by Tarratt Tables in the first year.) This will depend upon the initial response we get, and if it looks as if the tendency is to form 'super teams' rather than those just out to enjoy the craic, a Premier League will be formed to account for this.

Question and Answer session..........

Q) What is the format of matches ? - A) 6 singles, 3 v 3 then same 3 v 3 again with breaks reversed.

Q) Boundaries of where teams have to be from ? - A) Crawley; the official Horsham (rural) District and/or Mid Sussex District as defined on this page:

Q) How many weeks/matches ? - A) The season ran for 10 weeks last year but that would be the absolute limit...if more than 5 teams apply this time, separate divisions will be formed.

Q) Night of play ? - A) For the year we used Wednesdays, but last year we used Tuesdays to avoid clash with Billingshurst's Jubilee Team Knockout competition.    

Q) How can I enter ?  - A) Interest can be notified to any HDBBL Committee member in person or via the British Bar Billiards Forum up to the date of the HDBBL A.G.M.         - Clive T

 This page is ALSO dedicated to the old Crawley & District Bar Billiards League which disbanded at the end of the 1988/89 season. Please feel free to contribute any stories, old articles or press clippings relating to this League. Meanwhile I can provide a window of a few years duration only of the Crawley League whilst in its heyday - the heady days before Pool, when every pub in Crawley had a bar billiards table, the League had three divisions, and tables were being played every night of the week - you put your coin down and were lucky to get a game without a bit of a wait................ Inevitably with the sudden popularity of Pool, a game which it was easy to play without necessarily having a degree of mastery, the League started to dwindle as it lost its venues one by one. By 1988 there were just 6 teams left competing, and they struggled on for one more year before applying to join the Horsham & District League - who like Crawley also had Tuesdays as their League night.. They were warmly welcomed, and two Crawley Club teams were allowed straight into the Horsham First Division, and the two Windmill Gossops Green teams into the Second Division. Rowfant House and the Plough Three Bridges were started in the Third.

For the most established Crawley players who wished to play more than one night a week, Wednesdays offered a choice between the Billingshurst and Mid Sussex Leagues, but in those days Haywards Heath was a bit of a rural outpost, with the best road infrastructure tending to be East-West - rather than the North-South that it is now. So as more of the big Crawley names chose to play in Billingshurst, their site is probably the best place to look for whatever information is available. - Clive Thompson, June 2010.

15c) Known Crawley venues 1953-1989

16c) LEAGUE & CUP (Roll of Honour, including Crawley League Final tables 1977/78, 1978/79 & 1979/80).





21c) "THE AFTER-LIFE"  (= Initial record of Post-Crawley league activity for Crawley teams)

Finally, here are some photos and press clippings (1) (2) and (3) from around 1983...........

Local Crawley News took a rare bit of notice when two Crawley teams made the Horsham Festival Cup Semi-Final......................below is the Horsham local's angle on the same story.

(4) Great times gone by.....a well-supported Crawley Finals night at Silentbloc, also a one-time venue for Sussex Finals with a local interest. (5) Nearing the end of CBBL............

A couple of scorecards from towards the end of the 1977/78 season:

Fred Lanaway Trophy:

Harry Leeson 10,180, Sid Metcalf 1460

Masood Ahmed 1530, Dave Hicklin 4020

Ken Brown 3400, Dave Isted 3100

John Turner 5080, Geoff Simpson 0

Clive Thompson 2860, Dave Evans 1090

Brewery Shades C 4, Charcoal Burner B 1

Team Knockout Final:

Jim Grant 4120, Tony Massimo 5160

Dave Urquhart 2070, Barry Timson 3950

Ken Strevett 2310, Andy Meldrum Jr. 6800

Tom Cunningham 4540, Ian Tocher 4790

Steve King 1870, John Hedger 1430

Crawley Club 1, Brewery Shades B 4