Email, Lucy Nashed, deputy press secretary, Office of Gov. Rick Perry, Sept. 19, 2013

1:03 pm

        From U.S. BLS:   

In this profile, the BLS calculates the total number of “workers paid hourly rates” that earn at or below the minimum wage in each state. In Texas in 2012 (the latest available data), that number was 452,000. The BLS states that there were 6,060,000 total hourly workers in Texas during that period, which means that 7.5% of all hourly workers in Texas earned at or below minimum wage. (452,000 / 6,060,000 = 7.5%)


·         To determine the percentage of the total workforce (both hourly and salary) that makes at or above minimum wage, we take total employment in Texas in 2012, which was 10,879,800 and apply the number of hourly workers earning at or below minimum wage. (452,000 / 10,879,800 = 4.2%). This would tell us that roughly 95.8% of all Texas workers earn at or above minimum wage. And since this is our own analysis of the data, we prefer to round down to 95% to be cautious.