WALT:- write a persuasive speech using techniques 

Speech writing: Why kids should be able to vote

INTRO: I was 10 when they were having to new NZ flag vote, and I went up to my mum and I ask can I vote ,and she said no because ,I was to young  and I started to cry ,and I said “It’s not fair why can’t kids vote?”, It’s our world next.Image result for polls

Kids are intelligent because they are doing  new things to this world, and  if you give them a chance they can make this world a better place .

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Guess what most of the problems in society is caused by parents , married couples and young adults

 like …  shooting , killing , stealing , murder and kidnapping.     If we don’t do anything now or future is going to be terrible , as you can see across society things have been caused them , if we don’t do anything now our  future is going to be da da da doomed !.Image result for polls

Guess what there is so many debates across the world about why kids should be able to vote ,and I’m going to read the percentage and the comments  ,there is 74% people that want kids to vote ,and there is 26% people say kids should not be able to vote.  And  now to the comments ,Anny80 says kids should have there own voice.  And I believe in that.  And Anonymous says that 7 years old and kids will vote what they Parents vote.  But I don’t believe in that.


Kids should be able to vote they are very smart ,they learn quick and fast.  And Parents and Kids I leave you with this,

Are you next in line for the world?Rendered Image