12.12.12 A Special Blogging Day for Students Around the World

The official Twitter hashtag will be #Blog121212

Here is the Google form for everyone to sign up.

Here is the spreadsheet so you can see who is participating.  

**Update** - I just created a form where you will add your URLs

You will be able to see the results here.

Join us for this special day. Your students can blog about their 12

  • greatest adventures
  • favorite video games
  • favorite foods
  • favorite places to visit
  • best school activities
  • favorite books
  • favorite quotes
  • favorite friend
  • favorite restaurants
  • favorite things
  • favorite jokes
  • favorite family memories
  • favorite movies
  • favorite heroes
  • favorite villains
  • favorite things
  • funniest moments
  • What to do with $12,000,000?
  • Compose your own version of “The 12 Days of Christmas” in the form of a carol

This blog post could be done as a class, a group, or an individual. I would suggest that if you are going to have your students do this on their individual blogs that you create a way to share all of their blogs with one URL. In the past I created a wiki page that linked to all of my students blogs which made it easy to see all of them in one location. Here is the link to the 2010-11 blogs http://plnaugleclasswiki.wikispaces.com/Blogs.

If you are using kidblogs, then sharing the URL to your class will accomplish this also.

Add ideas or ask questions here. Let’s see how many kids we can get to blog on this day.

Thank you,

Paula Naugle

Awesome! My grade 5 class in Australia will be involved! @MissSango

This is a great idea Paula.  I put this site on my twitter so hopefully it becomes a movement. Please keep me informed. @rickmccleary    mrmccleary.edublogs.org



LOVE this idea.  Can’t wait to join up!  ~Elizabeth  @eliza_peterson

Great idea! Would love to join in - @CYarzy

Great idea!  Keep me informed @karenwells

love it! Keep me posted! @jennregruth

Love it Paula. please sign me up @megbg76

So exciting!  Would love to participate!  @tdallen5

My 8th graders are starting a day early.

It’s on my Calendar!

Us too! @mrsdkrebs @krebsclass

Love this! Count my class in @AppEducationFox and class twitter @FoxClassTweets

Great idea! @grammasheri @nsdedwards @nsdeagles

Awesome! @doriedance

Added a few favorite ideas! @MrBillySpicer

Will students be posting on a school blog or in a centralized place?  I want to encourage our teachers to participate, but I want to make sure I understand first!  Thanks for being a great teacher leader! @stormyhickman1  E

Love it! Super excited for my firsties to join up! :) Thanks Paula! @bdixontech

Looking forward to it. We just set up our first class blog.  @Bosox04

What a fun idea! My class will definitely join in on our Kidblog: www.kidblog.org/pvroom121  ~@saraallen91

My class is going to participate too, my students love joint activities.

@Cts0908 http://kidblog.org/WellDone201213/

Thanks for inviting us!

Really sounds like fun! Ms Heywood’s minions (their words not mine) will be thrilled to be a part of this! reneeheywood (Skype), @renzii (Twitter), reneeheywood@gmail.com   My class will join in on our Kidblogs: http://kidblog.org/1K2012-2/  http://kidblog.org/1L2012/  http://kidblog.org/1M2012/ http://kidblog.org/1N2012/ 

Thanks Paula for doing this! I have will have several classes participate. We will participate from http://rsd13techint.weebly.com/121212.html 

Thanks Paula for creating such a creative project that engages students in learning! We will be participating through google docs. They each have their own account. I will create a google form and share that link with you publicly. We also have a Kidblog account so we can post there too jus to extend activity and use various tools. http://kidblog.org/MrsLackeysBilingualLoopers/

This sounds really fun, Paula! I will definitely have my students participate on their Kidblog.

http://kidblog.org/MrsYoungs4thgradeclass/   Joan Young  @flourishingkids

2B Flying Pigs from Presbyterian Day School in Memphis will gladly join in! Thanks for this great idea, Paula!  http://kidblog.org/2BFlyingPigs2/

We are on kidblog almost every day!

2C from Presbyterian Day School in Memphis will also be joining in!! We too are on kidblog almost every day! :)  http://kidblog.org/MsTaylorsClass2012/

SK-1 from Presbyterian Day School in Memphis will be joining as well. Can’t wait!


What a wonderful idea Paula! Thanks my friend :) http://kidblog.org/JoAnnJacobssClass/

2A from Presbyterian Day School in Memphis will join also! What a great idea!  http://kidblog.org/MrsClementsClass12-13/

Great idea Paula! I think we will just do a group post - I may do groups of 3-4 and they can decide what they want to come up with.http://mrsmorgansstars.edublogs.org/

The Buist Bunch will be participating. I’ve already added our KidBlog URL to the link above. If I didn’t do it today, I might have forgotten. I’m looking forward to see what my students will create/write about. @BuistBunch

The 8th Grade ELA Group at Russell County Middle School in SouthCentral KY will be blogging like bosses. @TheMrDShow

Seventh and 8th grade students at Cajon Valley Middle School in El Cajon, CA will be blogging like rockstars!! @writin4change.

Looking forward to participating with my 2nd grade students from Christian Academy in Japan http://makingiteducational.edublogs.org/ @HinoJean

Kristen Kilpatrick’s (@kkilpatrick7) fifth graders (@mskstudents) will blog at http://kidblog.org/TerrapinsB023/  Looking forward to it.

High School Newspaper class from TJHS in Iowa is in (@TJHSJournalism)

Mr. K’s 5th Grade Class from Oak Park, IL (USA) will be blogging...check out our blogs at http://lincolntechclub.blogspot.com/p/kids-blogging-day-2012.html  (@mkuntz63)

Great idea! I think we are the first class from NZ ;) Looking forward to my children blogging tomorrow on 12/12/12

each child has their own blog which are all linked on our class blog which is here http://room7vardonschool.blogspot.co.nz/


Year ¾ children (8 and 9 years old)

My kindergarten class will be blogging about the 12 best things in kindergarten at http://katiekeier.edublogs.org 

My second graders in Minot, ND will be blogging about their favorite gingerbread stories and favorite winter activities. http://kidblog.org/MrsHegresClass

My 3rd graders from Manson, Iowa blogged today about what they think life was like on 12/12/1912 or what it could be like on 12/12/2112  http://kidblog.org/Mnw3/