During the past few years, the league established a list of pitchers that were banned from pitching in either the Pelham Bay Saturday League or the Van Cortlandt Sunday League. They were considered either illegal or too dominating to pitch in our league. Strict compliance was directed more on the pitchers that constantly pitched sling or way over the 9 o’clock.

This year, the league will revise its banned list to focus on pitchers that have been recognized by the league as being illegal. The league will allow certain pitchers that were banned because they were dominated to participate this year but their appearances will be restricted.


Even though some pitchers have been removed from the banned list they must still pitch legally. If the league discovers these pitchers guilty of pitching illegal throughout the season they will then be banned. Also, any other individual that is not on this list that is considered illegal based on being given illegal pitch warnings throughout the season may also be added to this list . This will also apply to any pitchers that is deemed by the Commissioner of the League. ( Meaning if an unknown pitcher not known to the league comes and performs in a caliber of an obvious ACE, he will then be added to the ACE list ).

PITCHING BAN LIST: This ONLY applied to Modified Pitching. If the individuals pitches in a LOB league , he would be allowed as long as it is LOB Pitch and conforms to the pitching restrictions on the delivery of the pitch.

  1. Solito,
  2. Mike Sanchez,
  3. Cacquito,
  4. Mike Cuqevas,
  5. Munyeca,
  6. Zorro,
  7. John Rocker,
  8. Antonio Cabassa,
  9. Solano,
  10. Miranada,
  11. Morgan,
  12. CHENCHO ( Pedro ),
  13. Sixto, Camello,
  14. Juan Genao ,
  15. Jamon Fernandez,
  16. Macho (Lefty ),
  17. Peter ( Pony Tail) and
  18. Anthony (Lefty) Lopez * Removed FALL 2016
  19. Yosilbis Monzet ( Joseby ) * Added FALL 2015
  20. Gringo ( Brewers ) * Added FALL 2016

* NOTE : Angel Lozado has been removed from BAN list  since he will conform to the Rules of the league. He was on BAN LIST due to his sling shot delivery which will NOT be allowed in the league and he has assure the commissioner that he will NOT throw sling. If after allowing him to pitch he does NOT conform to the rules and his caught throwing sling shot, he will then be BAN again.

( PLEASE NOTE : ) Most of the above pitchers are BANNED because they throw sling shot or way above 9 o’clock. )

ACE pitchers 

The following Pitchers will be classified as ACE MODIFIED pitchers in the MODIFIED League and will NOT be allowed to pitch in the league. The ONLY exceptions is if they are NOT pitching Modified and given approved by League Commissioner beforehand. 

ACE pitcher List :

  1. Millo ,
  2. Frani ( Max Musick),
  3. Armando ( Mariners),
  4. Wilson ( Beso),
  5. Luis Gomez ( Broncos ) ,
  6. Ramesh ,
  7. John Brown ( NY Rookies ),
  8. Pete Cora (Player Choice )and
  9. Hilario Urena aka Pedro (from Bklyn) and
  10. Raymond Alvarez(Cano).
  11. Wilkin ( Titans )
  12. Juan/Johan  Morel ( Manuel ) * Added 2015

* Note: As of now, these pitchers have been selected as ACE pitchers but as mentioned the pitcher’s ban list can be updated if league discovers a pitcher whose ability is of an ACE caliber.

* Note : NON-ACE pitchers MUST be in compliance with the league’s rules regarding pitching illegally. If they are discovered pitching illegally throughout the season they will then be placed on the BAN LIST. If a pitcher receives THREE WARNING he will be placed in BAN LIST.

* Note: In regards to the ACE pitchers. These pitchers with the permission of the Commissioner may pitch and not be classified as an ACE as long as they do not throw hard. A speed similar to LOB Pitch but they cannot throw MODIFIED. They will be monitored throughout season and are restricted to this rule that they cannot throw modified. The Umpire will make that decision .