Wednesday 11 May 2016

What am I Brainstorm

Cheetah Riddle Draft.




1.I am as 2.2-31 f-t tall.

2. I got some spots on my body.

3.I am a something that loves to eat meat.

4.I am living in the the forest.

5.I have the spots all over my body.

6.I am as big lion.

7.I might get you for lunch!

8.I am as long as the dolphin.

9.I can jump twice as you're high.

10.I am as 46-160 years old.

11.I am 46-160 lbs (Adult

12.I am 2.2-3.1 ft.(Adult Shoulder)

13. I am  68-75 mph (ln short Bursts, Running

14.I am from minecraft in a lucky block.

15.I am a killer of meat!

What Am I draft

I am can jump twice as high.

I am a killer for meat!

I am as long as a dolphin.

I live in forest.


The moment you were waiting for the photos!  

I am a cheetah that eat your body parts!

    Thanks for being a good peple.

                     The End!

                By Di and Tanya

But if you see my teeth I can eat you!