Kyran Gostelow - Resumé

(Curriculum Vitae/CV)

Contact Details/Information:

Primary (Professional) Email:

Secondary Email:

Address: 91 Park Crescent, Williamstown North, Victoria, Australia

Phone: (+61) (0)407 946 634

Born on: 11/08/2001

LinkedIn page:


Employment History:

JayCar Electronics

September 2018 - Ongoing

Title: Sales Assistant

Casual Employee

SyRis Consulting

August 2018 - Ongoing

Title: Systems Administrator

Part Time Employee

Google Crowdsource

May 2018 - Ongoing

Title: Google Crowdsource Country Representative: Australia


Skills used:

Centorrino Technologies

24 July 2017 - 28 July 2017

Title: Work Experience Student at Braemar College Campus

Work Experience Employee

Skills used:

Morgan’s SUPA IGA Gisborne

August 2016 - August 2018

Title: Customer Relations -- Deli, Bakery, Service and Grocery worker

Casual employee

Skills used:

Title Development:


December 2015 - June 2016

Title: Forum Manager


Online job - Website:

Skills used:

Uniting Church Opportunity Shop (Kyneton Branch)

November 2015 - March 2016

Title: Volunteer

Unpaid, Volunteering work

Skills used:

Independent Programming Work

Main domain:

Raul Lopes, Professional Hairdresser Showcase Website:

Courtesy design, Server and Domain paid for

Languages used: HTML, CSS, PHP


Description: I offered to make Raul a website for his business, within a few days I designed and produced one for him. While I did use PHP for this one, I only used it for grabbing files and as such it is a client side only website.

Newham Multipurpose Court Booking Website:

Voluntary, Chargeless/Courtesy website

Languages used: HTML, CSS, JS (minimal), PHP, MySQL


Description: I was asked if I could help smoothen the process of booking the multipurpose courts in newham by making a website.

I did this and created a simple way to create an account, get approved, book your sessions and view bookings; as well as this I created many management options and easy use settings.

iOS Applications:

Balloon Popper:

Unpublished, small mobile game in which players pop balloons as they float up the screen in an attempt to gain points, points can be used to purchase upgrades and as a showcase of skill.

Education History:


2018 - Ongoing




Certificate IV in Programming, ICT40515 - Ongoing


2018 - 2018

Gisborne Secondary College

Years: 11~

Gisborne, Victoria


Informatics, Units 3&4~

Mathematical Methods, Units 1&2~

Chemistry, Units 1&2~

English, Units 1&2~

Sociology, Units 1&2~

2012 - 2017

Braemar College

Years: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Woodend, Victoria


Computing, Units 1&2


2007 - 2011

Newham Primary School

Years: Prep, 1, 2, 3, 4

Newham, Victoria


2018 - Upskilled, Certificate IV in Programming (ICT40515) - Ongoing

03/2017 - SoloLearn, PHP Tutorial course (1059-439391)

03/2017 - SoloLearn, HTML Fundamentals course (1014-439391)

03/2017 - SoloLearn, CSS Fundamentals course (1023-439391)

03/2017 - SoloLearn, JavaScript Tutorial course (1024-439391)

03/2017 - SoloLearn, SQL Fundamentals course (1060-439391)


2018 - Australia Representative for Google Crowdsource

2017 - University of New South Wales Programming Competition: Credit

2014 - Braemar College I.T core team

2014 - Braemar College Cadets

2010-2012 - Taekwondo

Rank: 4th gup

Knowledgeable areas:

Operating Systems:

Forum systems:



Jay Morgan

Morgan's SUPA IGA Gisborne,

Store Manager

0404 070 521

Denise Smallwood

Morgan's SUPA IGA Gisborne,

Grocery Manager

0403 538 681

Kristy Tramsek

Morgan's SUPA IGA Gisborne,

Assistant Store Manager

0450 984 992

~ = Incomplete