Kyran Gostelow - Resumé

(Curriculum Vitae/CV)

Contact Details/Information:


Address: 91 Park Crescent, Williamstown North, Victoria, Australia

Phone: (+61) (0)407 946 634

Born on: 11/08/2001

LinkedIn page:


Employment History:

Cloud Earth

May 2019 - July 2019

Title: Software Developer


JayCar Electronics

September 2018 - April 2019

Title: Sales Assistant

Casual Employee

Skills used:

SyRis Consulting

August 2018 - Ongoing

Title: Systems Administrator

Part Time Employee

Skills used:

Google Crowdsource

May 2018 - January 2019

Title: Google Crowdsource Country Representative: Australia


Skills used:

Centorrino Technologies

24 July 2017 - 28 July 2017

Title: Work Experience Student at Braemar College Campus

Work Experience Employee

Skills used:

Morgan’s SUPA IGA Gisborne

August 2016 - August 2018

Title: Customer Relations (Grocery, Service, Bakery and Deli worker)

Casual Employee

Skills used:


December 2015 - June 2016

Title: Forum Manager


Online job - Website:

Skills used:

Uniting Church Opportunity Shop (Kyneton Branch)

November 2015 - March 2016

Title: Shop Assistant


Skills used:

Independent Programming Work

Main domain:

Raul Lopes, Professional Hairdresser Showcase Website:

Courtesy design, Server and Domain paid for

Languages used: HTML, CSS, PHP


Description: I offered to make Raul a website for his business, within a few days I designed and produced one for him. While I did use PHP for this one, I only used it for grabbing files and as such it is a client side only website.

Newham Multipurpose Court Booking Website:

Voluntary, Chargeless/Courtesy website

Languages used: HTML, CSS, JS (minimal), PHP, MySQL


Description: I was asked if I could help smoothen the process of booking the multipurpose courts in newham by making a website.

I did this and created a simple way to create an account, get approved, book your sessions and view bookings; as well as this I created many management options and easy use settings.

iOS Applications:

Balloon Popper:

Unpublished, small mobile game in which players pop balloons as they float up the screen in an attempt to gain points, points can be used to purchase upgrades and as a showcase of skill.


2018 - Upskilled, Certificate IV in Programming (ICT40515)

03/2017 - SoloLearn, PHP Tutorial course (1059-439391)

03/2017 - SoloLearn, HTML Fundamentals course (1014-439391)

03/2017 - SoloLearn, CSS Fundamentals course (1023-439391)

03/2017 - SoloLearn, JavaScript Tutorial course (1024-439391)

03/2017 - SoloLearn, SQL Fundamentals course (1060-439391)


2018 - Australia Representative for Google Crowdsource

2017 - University of New South Wales Programming Competition: Credit

2014 - Braemar College IT core team

2014 - Braemar College Cadets