Westport Fire Stations

Current Stations

Station No. 1 – Central Village, 54 Hixbridge Road


With construction beginning in May of 2009 the new Central Village fire station is the largest municipal project in Westport for the past 30 years. This station is designed to meet the needs of the department well into the future accommodating not only the firefighters but administration, fire prevention, training, and Emergency Management.  The training room is designed to be easily converted into the Town's Emergency Operations Center in the event of a man-made or natural disaster. Firefighters began working from the new station in July of 2010.

Station No. 2 - North End, 85 Briggs Road


Opening in 1970 this is the first ever town owned fire station. Until the construction of Station No. 2 the Town had leased buildings for use as fire stations. Originally designed with only 3 apparatus bays and accommodations for only 2 firefighters, the department quickly outgrew the station leading to many modifications and a 4 bay addition in 1999. The station is home of the Westport Fire Department’s Firefighter Memorial dedicated in October of 2002.

Former Stations

Station No. 1 - 911 Main Road

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Circa 1935

The first fire station in Town was built on land leased to the Westport Volunteer Fire Company from the Wood family in 1928 the cost of construction at the time was $3,000. The original cinder block building had only a single level until funds could be raised to add the second floor. The construction was funded by holding dinners, dances and whist parties at the Grange Hall.

Station one addition.JPG

    Circa 1978

The station housed 2 engines until a 3 bay addition was added in 1978. The addition was paid for by donations from citizens, civic groups and friends, amounting to $20,000. Construction labor was provided by the students of Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School.

The Station served the town faithfully for 80 years until age, structural defects and crowding forced the construction of a new station in 2009.  The building is now privately owned.

Station No. 2 - State Road

In 1932 the need for additional fire protection in North Westport prompts the start of the North Westport Volunteer Fire Company. The Company builds an engine on a used Studebaker chassis and establishes a fire station in the Greenwood Park section of Town. To help the fledgling Volunteers get started, hose and other firefighting equipment are provided by the Town, but this gesture sows the seeds of discord that would come to a head in April of 1938.

Station 2 Engine 3 1938. retouched.jpg

     Circa 1938

In April 1938 a disagreement between the Fire Chief and the North Westport Volunteers, over control of the engine ends in the volunteers being stripped of all the equipment purchased by the Town. Chief Potter opens a new fire company 600 feet East of the volunteer station at Routhier’s Garage. Lease on the station in 1938 from Azila Routhier was $88.00 for the year in 1969, the last year it was rented from then owner Paul Ainsworth, the Department paid the sum of $1040.00.  The need to accommodate the larger engines forces the Town to explore the construction of a new station.

Routhier's 1938 retouched1.jpg

April 1938, Engine 2 

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Circa 1953 with 1941 Buffalo Enge 3 and 1953 Maxim Engine 5

Station No. 3 – 98 Reed Road

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Circa 1955

With the forming of the Head of Westport Fire Association in December of 1946, planning begins to construct a fire station in the Head of Westport. In 1948 building plans are accepted and construction begins. The work is paid for with funds raised by the firefighters July 4th parade and fireworks. The station will operate until funding and staffing shortages force its closure in 1989. The building is pictured above shortly before the second floor was added. The building is now privately owned.

Other Engine Houses

On occasion there have been other building that served as fire stations, one being Macomber's Garage at the intersection of Hixbridge Road and Horseneck Road. While fire apparatus was a regular visitor to Mr. Macomber’s garage for repair, after the hurricane of 1938 destroyed Hixbridge an engine was stationed here to protect South Westport until the bridge could be reopened.

Macumbers Garage w-Eng2 1938 retouched.jpg

 This image from 1938, courtesy of Carton “Cukie” Macomber, shows the 1928 Maxim, Engine 2 at the far right

Chemical No. 1, a hand pulled chemical fire cart was stationed in the Head of Westport . It is believed that it was kept in the building shown below that was known for many years at the “Head Garage”, It also was the temporary home to the 1938 Autocar oil truck converted by members of the department into Engine 4 in 1946. Shown here here in front of her one time home in this 1947 photo.

20150323095854662_0002 (2).jpg

Circa 1947 Head Garage with Engine 4