The interviewer gave me this task:

The Problem:

John is recruitment specialist in an MNC. He is actively involved in sourcing and recruiting Job seekers. He has to spend lot of time to find the right fit for the available jobs. He is looking for an Software Application which can help him to quickly scan through the sourced profiles and schedule email campaigns to notify about the job opportunities from time to time.

Design Problem

Design an application for recruitment specialist who should be able to do the following tasks.


The Recruitment specialist should be able to select UX designers from the list of candidates who have 2 years of experience and set an email campaign to send jobs alerts on weekly basis.

• Pick what you feel is a relevant platform (web/mobile) to design for (and why?).

• Create scenarios for your user’s needs.

• Design usable, relevant and engaging solutions for those requirements.

• Present your solutions in terms of flows, wireframes and screen mocks. Visual Design may be additional

Project Workflow:

Research> User Stories> User Flows > Sketch> Wireframe> Transitions > Prototype > Mockups


Behaviour & Belief

Pain points


Name: Nikita Tandon

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Marital Status: Single

Employment: Employed in an MNC as a recruitment specialist

Lives: Delhi NCR

  • Believes she needs to earn more
  • Wants very simple solutions with no BS
  • Loves to live life fully
  • Keeps her social life active
  • Believes that candidates with good potential are always winners
  • Believes she is a smart worker
  • Is very confident at what she does
  • Believes time is very valuable
  • Loves family & friends
  • Believes her team can do more

  • Has hard time managing different tasks at a time
  • Hates it when she can't reach her monthly target
  • Has hard time keeping up with multiple sources for candidates.
  • Wants a quick overview of how things are going and recommended actions.
  • Has hard time prioritizing tasks.
  • Wants to spend time only on the best candidates




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User Stories:


Who are we building it for, who the user is? — A recruiter

What are we building, what is the intention? — quick and easy to use application

Why are we building it, what value it brings for the user.? — So that I can complete my tasks quickly and efficiently without a lot of hassle

User Story:  As a recruiter I want a simple and easy to use application so that I can make my recruitment quicker, faster and effective.

User Stories from the Task

Test Case

1. As a recruiter I want to be able to see a list of job seekers  so that I can prioritize my next hiring candidate

Make sure there is a candidates list page in the application

2. As a recruiter I want to be able to see important info about job seekers so that I can choose the best out of the list

Make sure to highlight important info about the candidate

3. As a recruiter I want to be able to check details of a particular job seeker so that I can understand the candidate better

Make sure to include a candidate details screen/page

4. As a recruiter I want to be able to add notes and tags to the job seekers details so that I can recall/pull up the candidate details when needed.

Make sure to include relevant filters on the candidate details page

Additional User Stories

Test Case

5. As a recruiter I want to be able to see a snapshot view of the entire hiring progress so that I can check my next important thing to focus on

Make sure to include a dashboard of important elements for a recruiter.

6. As a recruiter I want to be able to get an easy access to all the important things so that I can chose what to focus my effort on a day to day basis

Make sure to include a menu option/to do that gives the recruiter to choose what will be the priority of task.

7. As a recruiter I want to be able to see how my progress is so that I can understand and analyze my efforts

Make sure to include an analytical approach of progress page

8. As a recruiter I want to be able to see a view of my sourcing efforts so that I can understand the best performing channels of sourcing

Make sure to include a chart/source pie chart that gives a view of which are the sourcing channels that are best performing to least performing.

9. As a recruiter I want to be able to involve my internal team members so that I can get quality leads from people I already know.

Make sure to include a panel that can create a form/chat and send it to the team.


User Story 1, 2, 3 and 4 can be put in one user flow

uf pp.png

However, this does not complete the whole story!

A recruiter wouldnt simply use an application just to get the candidates list and sort the candidates. There is  more to the motivation of using an application by a recruiter. Some of which as mentioned in the research, user stories include:

Assumption 1:  that the source of the flow, organic, paid, social, email, newsletter all of them have the same goal of finding a list of candidates, filtering them and checking their details.

Assumption 2: That the landing page is already setup with good UX and the user is looking for solution inside the app after the initial conversion has already happened.

User flow + Scenarios:

Logs in > Checks Home > Get’s a snapshot view of important and urgent updates

Logs in > Checks Jobs page > Gets an overview of the jobs that are to be managed and upcoming

Logs in > Checks People page > gets a list of candidates/job seekers to filter (Example: UX designers with 2 years experience)

Logs in > Checks Campaigns > Choose job and people and send out a campaign

Logs in > Checks Analytics > Sees how her performance is trending and her sourcing efforts.

User flow including user stories 5,6,7,8 and 9.  Axure Link :


In this flow you can see how the recruiter's concerns can be addressed with each flow. So what goes through the recruiter's mind?


Home > Job Listing > Job details jobdetails.jpgjobs.jpghome.jpg

Home> Candidate listing > Candidate details


Home > Campaigns


Home >  Analytics


Wireframe & Low Fi Mockups: 

Hi Fi Mockups

Recruiter Thought Process:  Axure Link:

Recruiter thoughts.png

Psychological Approach

Principle of least effort:

I’ve tried to approach with the recruiters thought process and persona in a minimal or least effort. All the set goals or tasks for a recruiter

follow a principle of least effort in completing the set task.


Principle of limited attention:

I’ve also kept in mind about the limited attention for the recruiter. Considering the limited attention, I’ve tried to remove any possible distractions that may occur in the user flow or the aesthetics of the design.

Principle of Focal Point:

I’ve tried keeping a focal point to every page to avoid user going round and round. By giving a focal point to the users, they tend to stick longer to explore within the page and avoid other distractions. I’ve also made focal point approach in the landing page design, signup, signin design pages just for fun.