Lesson Title: Digital Journey on the Silk Road

Standards Met:
NETs for Teachers:

1.a  Promote student reflection using collaborative tools to reveal and clarify students’ conceptual understanding and thinking, planning, and creative processes
2.a: design or adapt relevant learning experiences that incorporate digital tools and resources to promote student learning and creativity.
3.b: collaborate with students, peers, parents, and community members using digital tools and resources to support student success and innovation.

Enduring Understanding:

Exploration has shaped and influenced communities throughout history.

(Taken from the central idea of our unit)

Essential Questions:

1. How has exploration changed over time?
2. How has exploration affected communities?
3. How can we embed technology into our lesson?
4. How can we, as a community, add to each other’s products and reflect as a whole on the process?


  • various types of explorers

  • reasons why people explore

  • communities change due to exploration

  • collaboration enhances our understanding and current knowledge

  • we can create something that can be shared

  • technology can transform our learning.


  • Communication (visual, oral)

  • Social (working together)

  • using iPad apps to document
    (taking a picture effectively, loading into photo album, using in a creating app)

  • using Edmodo to collaborate, share, and reflect.


The goal of this task is to have students use the technology tools to recreate a digital diary of a simulated journey on the Silk Road.  This diary will show their learning of how the exploration along the silk road has influenced communities over time. As well as this they will placed in groups on Edmodo, a community collab site, and have input into the other groups products.

Students will work in their teams to travel the journey of the silk road through the school community and take pictures along the way.
Then the students will need to choose the most appropriate pictures that fit with the enduring understanding.

The audience will be the classroom community and anyone else in the world who is interested.

The students will be put into groups with a starting point of a place on the silk road.  The school community will be given various cities, roles and jobs during the activity.  Some of the jobs will involve trading goods, capturing traders, etc... After completing the silk road journey, the students will work on the digital component.

The final product will be a diary of the silk road told through the eyes of my students using pictures taken from an iPad, voice /video recording using an app.  The product will be shared on our edmodo site where other students can have input into the content.  My goal is to have the other groups who would have crossed the same paths to contribute to the content.  The need to explore Edmodo further is necessary for this component of the product.

Six Facets of Understanding:

Students will be able to explain their understanding of the impacts on exploration to the world we live in today.

Take the experience, adapt it to technology and use the technology to create the product.

Add to and contribute to others content via Edmodo collab. site. This application will show that the students can apply their understanding to other situations.

Have perspective:
Through commenting on the blog, and Edmodo site, the students will show their perspective in relation to others.

The students will show empathy for the other groups through the commenting feature of the blog and Edmodo site.

Have self-knowledge:
Students will show knowledge of the tools as well as how to use an online environment to enhance their learning and the learning of others through perspective and reflection.

Resources for developing a UbD Unit Planner: http://www.diigo.com/user/mscofino/ubd