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Students receive an introduction to biology in this course, with an emphasis on the processes of scientific inquiry and logical thinking. Instruction covers the fundamental principles of living organisms, including the physical and chemical properties of life, and cellular organization and function. Over the span of two semesters, students gain an understanding of the transfer of energy through metabolic systems, cellular reproduction, the classification of living things, and the six kingdoms of life. This is a laboratory-based course that uses inquiry and reflection to help students gain an understanding of living organisms.

Iowa Core Skills and Standards

Iowa Core Life Sciences, including chemical properties of life, cellular organizations and function, cellular reproduction, classification of kingdoms of life.

Why It Matters

Biology is a course strongly suggested by the Regents Universities for admission to college, as well as for STEM-related careers.  Iowa Core Life Science standards are required of ALL Iowa students.

Required Materials

Kitchen materials, including eggs, measuring utensils, and general school supplies will be required.  View a list of required materials and technology for all ILO online courses.

Additional Notes

Iowa Learning Online operates on a semester model, offering enrollments for Fall, Spring, and Summer. Students must be enrolled each semester for the appropriate segment of the course they wish to take.

Major Topics and Concepts

Segment 1

Module 01: Foundations of Biology

Module 02: Life’s Origin

Module 03: Cell Reproduction

Module 04: Earth’s Diversity

Segment 2

Module 05: Scientific Connections

Module 06: Classification and Diversity

Module 07: Human Systems