(Tonight, Feb. 10th, 2016, Serene and Gina met online and wrote their story simultaneously on Google Docs. They did not speak on the phone until after the story was complete. What you’re about to read is not a work of fiction. It is the play by play account of how they met.)

All right reserved. Copyright 2016. This is a work of nonfiction. Names, and incidents are the product of the authors true life stories, and any resemblance to famous persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


Gina stalked me.

The End.

That’s not the truth. Well, it’s not the whole truth

Hahaha. It’s all the truth that matters.

I’m going to start with the part where my son, Landon, who was all of six or seven years old, was playing a silent game with a little girl, three benches away, in church. He kept hiding something in his hand, and she’d point to a hand and he’d reveal whether or not she had picked it correctly.

I didn’t even notice until the intermediate hymn when Savannah tugged on my arm, pointed to the little boy a few benches back and whispered, “He’s smiling at me.”

Landon wanted me to tell him Savannah’s name, but I had no clue who she was. And her mom looked way too high maintenance for me to befriend. Because, let’s face it, I’m a judger. I judge people right off the bat.

Bahaha! Just because of my heels. Sheesh. And now who owns several sets of heels herself? Hmmm??

NOT ME!   

*whispers- LIAR* You took me heel shopping with you. I remember that day very clearly.

Days later, Landon had drawn several pictures for Savannnah, and was really pushing me to mail them to her. *I still didn’t know her name.* Also, Serene, do you have those pictures still? Cause that would be BOSS! Hahahaha!

No, I don’t think so. I really wish I still had them though!

Anyway, after it was over, Kyle and I were pulling out of the church parking lot, and we happened to be behind--none other than Savannah, and her family. I think Savannah waved at us. We continued to drive, and it was like they were leading the way--headed to our house or something. As it turned out, they went straight and we turned left at a monumental intersection. From there, Kyle and I figured out which LDS ward they lived in--just based on where they were headed.

It should be noted, that we live less than a mile apart. CLOSE ENOUGH WE COULD WALK TO EACH OTHER’S HOUSES.

Well, I managed to figure out who the Heiner’s were through the whole seven-degrees-of-connections. She means, STALKING. LOL  ANYWAY *EYE ROLLS* I get my hands on an address for my sweet son, and we go to deliver the dang “love letters.” When we rolled up to the mailbox...

I just remember being called out of the house by one of my many kids and we stood on the porch while Gina explained why they were here. I may have taken a step back while she told me all about how she tracked us down through her “channels.” I wasn’t at all sure what to think about it.

Well, you shouldn’t have been that scared… We know Kent well. And if Kent was going to give us your deets, than he trusted us to not be serial killers, and you trust him... So, basically, you just have trust issues. Those issues run all the way down to your stylists.

I blame raisins posing as chocolate chips for my trust issues.

We left the love letters Landon had drawn for Savannah--who seemed delighted we’d come to see her--and then we went home. Like six streets over, as the crow flies.

Savannah WAS delighted, and she got to work right away, making her own letters to send back to him. So, a couple days later, I’m the one knocking on Gina’s door. BAM! YEAH THAT’S RIGHT, BABY! HAHAHA! I remember liking your pep--my what?-- 
Pep.. you know, spunk. Enthusiasm.
Seriously? Five seconds ago, you were calling my enthusiasm stalkerism… Well, it sure seemed that way when you showed up at my house!  

Just for the record, if it had been the other way around, and you’d shown up at my door first, it would have confirmed my original judgement call--high maintenance. Giving in to a kid’s demand like that…. Sheesh. OR the fact that you were into match-making. Which, at that point, I may have liked you even more than a stalker.

So basically there was no way I was getting out of the whole, high maintenance impression. Pish, I see how it is. Anyway, when we got to talking about our hobbies and stuff, we discovered we had a lot in common. I think the biggest one at the time was our blogging.

Yes, blogging. Remember those days? HA! Oh yeah. I was funny once-upon-a-time.

We started following each other’s blogs, commenting frequently, and slowly, we got our families together for BBQs and such. The kids really liked each other, and became friends faster than we did. In the end, however, our friendship outlasted the puppy love of our young kids.

For, what? Five years we continued to be friends. You think it was five years? I’ve lost track.

Ya, it was about a year before you started writing… no wait. You’ve been writing six years now, yes? 

No. Five as of January 28. I started in 2011.

Oh, okay. I thought you’d said six. Okay. And we knew each other about a year before that? 

No, at that point I think we’d been friends for a while. NO? Holy crap we’re brainless right now.

We both had four kids when we met. Are you sure?? Yes. If that’s so, We met after 2009.


I’m sure. We met in 2009 because Alayna was still a baby and she was born Jan. ‘09.

Okay. Huh. Okay. Let’s move on.

I started writing--getting serious about it more like--and Serene was still into blogging and had more babies and our lives diverged due to life. We were out of contact, but still friends… Until December 2014.

I had prayed to listen to the spirit more for Christmas, and got the impression I needed to call Serene. I ignored it only for a few hours while I was busy, thinking I could call when I had free time. Later that day, on Dec. 17th, I made the call.

Serene answered and we made small chat for a few minutes. I distinctly recall her asking my why I called and I distinctly remember saying, “I don’t know. You tell me.”

I believe I answered with, “Funny you should call. I had this story idea that I think I should write.” I’m pretty sure you squealed and told me to write it down THAT INSTANT.
I didn’t know a dang thing about writing other than what I’d been doing on my blog for the last five years, but that’s not anything close to novel writing. Gina told me to write something down and send it to her. Later, she laughed because it was a romantic scene.

You have to know that Serene is so G-rated, it was like Disney kisses were the most erotic thing in the world. She’s still afraid to use words like hot or wet. I was dying on the inside. It was awesome. (how little you know me)  Whatever! I know you well! Love me a good, steamy (but PG-13) scene. LOL! Yes, but you can’t write it to save your life! HAHA! Okay, maybe that’s true.


She encouraged me to just start writing down my story idea, which I did, and she gave me the newbie writer do’s and don’t right off the bat.

True. I was bossy.

“Read this book!” she said.

“Don’t do that!” she yammered.


“Here, read this book on point of view!”

She even talked me into going to a writer’s conference that spring which was pretty much the most amazing thing ever. I’m a good friend like that. She also dropped me right into the middle of her awesome writer friends. They have become great friends of mine now, and have all helped me improve my writing.

It took Serene 6 months to finish her first draft and while she was working hard to birth that story, I tackled building a house. Which lead to a new story idea. I moved into my new digs, and then I wrote my first YA contemporary romance in a month-ish. And it’s awesome. Both the house, and the story.

Ahhhhh, that’s nice of you, Serene. Thanks.

I decided since I wrote it for fun, I would put it on a website called WATTPAD, which is an online community for both authors and readers. Before I started however, I decided I needed a set of eyes on it--to help me edit it. Because, hello, first draft!

Tangent: First drafts are just that. First drafts. If you ever written anything beyond a Facebook post, you know what I’m talking about. If you’re an author, then you really know what I’m talking about.

First drafts need work. Lots of work. Hell, sometimes tenth drafts need a lot of work and more eyes on it. Even first drafts deserve have tangents. End tangent.

And I needed eyes on my manuscript to help me tighten up all the details.

Because Serene’s first draft is really good, because, hello, Mrs. Bossypants here!


Hahaha! My story wouldn’t be where it is today without Gina’s help, especially at the beginning. Today, being the key word there. I think you’d have gotten there on your own eventually. That’s really nice of you to say.

So, we fell into each’s computers after that. We talk every day, we write almost every day, we edit almost every day, and somedays we get a lot done. Others, we’re slower or life holds us up from writing.

And that’s how I found my first real critique partner. I basically created her. I’m Dr. Hyde/Jekyll and she’s my Frankenstein. (Because really, if you ask her husband, I created a monster.)  BAHAHAHA! Also, if you couldn’t tell, it’s a story of true love and enduring friendship. Awww... *sniffle* This is one of my favorite stories.

I think it’s always been one of mine, I’m just glad we finally wrote it! Me too!

The End.

PS. I’m not a stalker.

PPS. That’s true. Also, I’m not high maintenance.

PPPS. That’s also true. She’s not.

*Psssst* Think we can just copy and paste this into our blogs, and maintain the fonts and and colors? Hmm… maybe!

Possibly! Give it a shot.

*Psst, again* We should edit it for mistakes, and to make sure our fonts line up right. You edit, I’ll try it out on the blog.

Okay. :)