Updated 8/21/13

Ideas for future brews:

-nelson saison with Fantome dregs

-noble pilsners: single hop batches featuring saaz, hallertau, tettnanger and spalt

-bugged barrel sour stout

-scotch bonnet berliner, nelson berliner, assorted fruited berliners

-sour saison with grape must


-25 gallons berliner

-Pumpkin saison blended with strong ale in apple brandy barrel (added some berliner to top off barrel)


-Nelson IPA

-Nelson/Galaxy/Sorachi IPA


-Pumpkin Saison

-Barrel fermented table saison

-Galaxy Dry Hop Berliner

-Apple Brandy Barrel Barley Wine

-Dark smoked saison

-Dark saison (dupont yeast)

-Dark saison (farmhouse blend)


-BA black berliner with fruits

-Pumpkin Brown saison


-Barrel fermented table saison

-Sour table saison

-Apple Brandy Barrel RIS

-Apple Brandy Barrel Old Ale

-Apple Brandy Barrel Rye Triple

-Brett Saison



-Bourbon oak cube quad

-Export Stout

-Sour mash berliner

-Fox grape berliner

-Decambic (Lambic style with Oude Geuze de cam dregs)

-Decambic batch 2

-Imperial Brown

Recently departed:

-Zythos Wheat

-Pumpkin Ale

-Peach Berliner

-Black Berliner

-Peach Saison

-Galaxy Mild Wheat

-Melon Saison

-Berliner Weisse