Coach's Corner - Issue 24

A message from the Coach

With Nathan Bush


Well what a weekend to start back the coaches corner, with the midweek teams winning and five from six on Saturday and a draw at windy hill! This week’s coach’s corner will focus on impression and why it's so important.

The impression all players give when wearing the eastern park counts on all occasions. The actions behaviours we demonstrate are judged by all opposing players and people in general. The general feel from Saturday was positive with room for improvement. The new players to the club really enjoyed the atmosphere Saturday in the club rooms and so was I- really proud of what we have become at the Parker's! For myself last week was probably most difficult in the role with so many negative initiated conversations- it was refreshing playing bowls and watching all the positives around me and I will direct these conversations with this in mind.

My immediate impression on Saturday was from arriving to the club at 10:45 with an abundance of players practising. Players leaving for RSL and Bell Post Hill for a roll, it shows dedication and also a hunger for success with preparation in mind.

Body language- an area where I need to stress that people judge you when you’re struggling and behind on the scoreboard, you have to push yourself mentally to get the best out of your team and show them you’re in control and not frustrated! Even the tone of voice when directing a lead to change the length of the end can send alarm bells out.

I believe at half time you need to identify a rink that requires extra support vocally, either behind on the scoreboard or particularly playing below their best- I like to do this to provide the extra support!

Actions- picking up each other's bowl is a given, just like talking before the game, rinks discussing the days game plan, skips picking up other skips bowl, high fives, positive reinforcement to a team mate, standing together on the green to read a head or watch the skips bowl are all actions we want in our club that gives a positive impression.

Chase your bowl- chasing your bowl doesn't mean your full of yourself, it has other meanings or impact such as applying pressure on your direct opponent of the importance of their next bowl, giving yourself the confidence to play well for the rest of the day etc..

Off the green- Saturday nights Scruncher's wrap is one my favourite aspects of pennant it typifies what we are about, discuss the day’s proceedings from the bottom to the top and all acknowledge the efforts from members, sing the song together etc. The amount of family and kids at the club demonstrates a genuine commitment and a love for the club, feeling comfortable with the environment and wanting to share the environment with family members.

Thursday night we start our counter meals, being a major fundraiser for the club, I hope we get a good turn out Thursday especially for our first this week.

We also had great positives come out of selection last week, believe it or not! But the cox family playing bowls for the first time and under difficult circumstances, Steve opted to play with them- which demonstrates his character. With this I promised Steve that his spot wouldn't be jeopardised the following week, its actions like this that gives a united impression of club first! Tappers and Royden also had the club first with playing away so some of our other members could play at home.

Training- last week left a great impression with 42 players in attendance and actively engaged in the session, asking great questions, receiving advice/coaching, challenging each other- great work.

Super Sixes- it wasn't by chance I only played 1 game, everything happens for a reason. The aim from the super sixes was to be competitive but also to blood some players in our culture and also to see if others would take leadership roles in providing that impression. It worked beautifully, you guys and gals don't need to depend on me providing that leadership because you are all capable and being accountable for the impression you give. Job well done to all involved, very proud!

Player selections- I also would like to point out that we have players that could be playing in different positions but are simply happy playing their roles in the team to achieve success. I am biased but Easy is in great form and could be skipping div 2 but he wants other to have the chance and he's happy to playing a role in the team. In talking about easy I'm sure he would of been wrapt in the mount of interest and support he received last week in the over 60s. Having many eastern park members at Geelong west is also a positive sign of impression.

Go Parkers!

Coach Out

Nathan Bush