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William G. Hill Lodge #218 - Lodge Officers - Raleigh, NC USA circa 1991 (Frederick C. Blackburn on far right)

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Master Mason 3rd Degree Certificate

Image 03.JPG

York Rite Certificate (at the time considered the equivalent of the Scottish Rite 32nd Degree required for application to The Shriners)

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Master Mason (3rd Degree), Fellowcraft (2nd Degree) and Entered Apprentice (1st Degree) study manuals.

Image 05.JPG

Fellowcraft (2nd Degree) and Entered Apprentice (1st Degree) study guides.

Image 06.JPG

Lodge Officer Manual and Master Mason (3rd Degree) study guide.

Image 07.JPG

Insert pages to Entered Apprentice and Fellowcraft study guides.

Image 08.JPG

Insert page to Master Mason study guide.

Image 09.JPG

Insert page to Lodge Officer manual.

Image 10.JPG

Certificate of Presentation of Masonic Bible.

Image 11.JPG

Masonic Bible cover

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Insert page of Masonic Bible