The NOD game

Take 20 seconds to pause and check in..Play it like a game. When you NOD your head you say yes to your current experience and you nod along to the rhythm of your life - get into the groove by embodying acceptance! Follow it! Then...

NOD (Notice, Own, Declare) 10 seconds.

You can even pretend you are going into different modes if you notice an emotion (eg. Smug mode, excited mode, etc) and explore the depths of your thought imaginings (eg. I’m thinking about cakes, I’m imagining a big chocolate cake and I’m feeling a craving, in my lips - and I’m creating that by choosing to think of it!) Allow yourself to do it, feel it, think it and be it. Willingness to experience will change your relationship with it and reduce your pain and tension, by relaxing your resistance. 

Through this first game you build awareness of choice and the nature of the mind and body. Plus it focuses you on one thing, which puts you in a state of presence.Zen: Sit? Just sit. Walk? Just walk.


Crying/shaking/a need for space may arise and fall - more stuff to NOD. Allow that to happen and see it from the perspective of love - you are healing and letting go of the need to be perfect, or in other words, the shame of being imperfect.  Gradually we will move on....

The NODDING game… extension pack! NODDING (Notice, Own, Declare, Decide, Imagine, Natural, Ground) 1 minute.

Notice something strongly negative? You can change the story to promote good feelings and release anxiety or anger. Using the power of the imagination in a conscious, creative and helpful way,


I use this a lot and it’s super simple - it is a fun training game for positive imagination. Just keep nodding. Re imagine and you can create your emotional reality, even if the world is a bit bleak at times. We can also Re-Anchor. Although this is creating a new ‘illusion’ and some might say it is a ‘delusional’ process, just have a look at how delusional your existing thoughts are. This is a game, designed to rebalance you (not to delude you more). You can then choose how to be. If you wish to simply be neutral then come back to meditation and see things as they are.