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Global Day Of Prayer For The Care Of Creation 2016

Every year on September 1st the Catholic Church, Orthodox Church, and Protestants of all stripes come together in unity to pray for God’s good creation.

A Bit of History

The vision for this day started in 1989 when the late Patriarch Demetrios II installed September 1st as a Day of Prayer for Creation for the Orthodox Church. Then in response to Pope Francis’ 2015 encyclical on creation care, Patriarch Bartholomäus invited the Catholic Church to be united in prayer for creation with the Orthodox Church on September 1st. This led to Pope Francis’ announcing the annual Global Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation for the Roman Catholic Church, and invited other Christians to adopt this day too. Therefore, we, the Lausanne/WEA Creation Care Network, pray in the company of many faithful Christians and invite you to do the same.

Join Us In Prayer

We encourage you to personally pray for the care of creation on September 1st. Organize a prayer meeting focused on creation care at your church, in your small group, or just among a few friends.   If you are not able to lead a group or join a group, share specific creation care needs and concerns with your Christian friends on social media and invite them to pray for those issues with you.  

Be creative and have fun! Go outside for a prayer walk at a local park, beach, riverbank, community garden, or in your own backyard.  If it is evening, step outside and look up at the stars as you pray, or pray around a campfire.  Perhaps enjoy a wonderful meal and gratefully enjoy the fruits of creation.

Prayer Suggestions

Pray for your local creation care needs and concerns, and the churches, leaders, and organizations you personally know who are working to care for creation. Below is a list of praises and concerns we are aware of that you may want to pray for:

Beyond these specific requests, we would also remind you that the Jamaica Call to Action is an excellent on-going guide to prayer and action for God’s creation.

Thank you for joining us in praying for God’s restoration of all creation!

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