Guestbook - terms and conditions

1. These rules sets out the objectives and principles of adding opinions to the guestbook at and

2. Guestbook is public. All users of the Web have an access to the guestbook.

3. Opinions about accommodations can be added only by those people who resided at a specific time in a certian accommodation.

4. To add opinion, fill in the form placed at a webpage of the accommodation.

5. Only those opinions that are confirmed by tourists will be visible on an accommodation's webpage. The confirmation link is sent in e-mail given in the form.

6. An added opinion should apply to a particular accommodation.

7. All opinions are archived.

8. The Administrator of and is not responsible for content published by users.

9. The user is responsible for his statements. Any person represents only himself.

10. The guestbook recognizes good manners.

11. The accommodation owner can report an opinion to remove it. The application must contain justification and be accepted by the Administrator.

12. The administrator has the right to delete opinion:

13. It is unacceptable to place advertising and promotional messages in the guestbook.

14. Opinions with meaningless content (random string) must not be added.

15. One opinion can not be added a few times.

16. The guestbook is not a forum.

17. The accommodation owner can add only one comment to a tourist's opinion.

18. The accommodation owner has the ability to deactivate the guestbook by logging into the edit panel.

19. The Administrator reserves the right to remove content inconsistent with these rules. Opinions that are not in accordance with these rules will be automatically removed.

20. Persistent and deliberate violations of these rules will block the IP address from which the user connects.

21. These rules apply from the moment of its publication. The Administrator reserves the right to make changes in the rules. Any changes are effective upon their publication on the website.