Specsavers Gift Voucher FAQs

What is a Specsavers gift voucher?

A Specsavers gift voucher is a great gift idea for your friends and family who wear glasses or contact lenses. Depending on the voucher value, it can be used in store to fully purchase or contribute towards the cost of purchasing prescription glasses, designer glasses, sunglasses, accessories, contact lenses or contact lens solution.


How much money can I put on my gift voucher?

You can buy any value between £1 and £250 in £1 increments to put on the gift voucher.


How can I purchase a gift voucher?

To buy a gift voucher, follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter your desired gift voucher value
  2. Click ‘Buy’
  3. Enter your payment details in the WorldPay payment system
  4. Save your voucher first, then choose whether you would also like to print it or email it to the recipient


Why is the gift voucher PIN important?

Each gift voucher is printed with a unique PIN (Personal Identification Number). The PIN is used by store staff to access information about the monetary value remaining on the voucher; it is the most important part of the voucher. The PIN can also be used by our Customer Services team if you need to contact them about any queries regarding your voucher.


How can I redeem my gift voucher?

To redeem a gift voucher in store, just bring a copy of the voucher to the store and show it at the till when you are asked to make your payment. This can either be a print out of the gift voucher or it can be an electronic version in the form of an email displayed on your smartphone or tablet device.


Where can I spend my gift voucher?

You can spend your gift voucher in any of our UK Specsavers stores.


What can I buy with my gift voucher?

Depending on the gift voucher value, it can be used to fully purchase, or contribute towards the cost of purchasing prescription glasses, designer glasses, sunglasses, accessories or contact lenses. It can also be used to buy contact lens solution and pay for eye tests. The voucher cannot be used to purchase Lensmail.

Prices for a complete pair of glasses start at just £25. Our wide range of designer glasses starts at £99 and includes the latest styles from big names like BOSS Orange, French Connection, Osiris, Quiksilver, Timberland and Tommy Hilfiger. All of our glasses come with PENTAX single vision lenses and a scratch-resistant treatment.


What happens if I don’t spend my total gift voucher value in one purchase?

If you use your gift voucher to make a purchase that costs less than the value of your gift voucher, the remaining voucher value can be used at a later date (up to the original expiry date). It is important that you keep the voucher PIN number so that the store staff can access the voucher value remaining when you come to use it in store again.


How long is my gift voucher valid for?

A gift voucher is valid for two years from the date of purchase. If you have any outstanding balance remaining on your voucher, you cannot redeem this after the expiry date.


What happens if my voucher gets lost or stolen?

Please take care of your voucher and treat it as if it were cash. If your voucher is lost or stolen and you have saved a digital copy, you can print it again and use that version. However, we cannot issue a replacement.



Who can I speak to if I have any queries about my voucher?

If you have any queries regarding a Specsavers gift voucher that you have purchased yourself or received as a gift, please contact our Customer Service Team by calling 0115 933 0520.