#156 - Into the Nexus: “Get Probed”

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Awesome games. grats to dunktrain and Dignitas..... but none of that matters now? See a sweet strat? NO YOU DIDN’T! IT DOESN’T EXIST!

Everything we discuss today is likely to roll out on March 14th, same day as the season restart.

Probius First Reactions

Mount - Worker Rush (Z)

Trait - Warp In Pylon (D)

Basic Abilities

Disruption Pulse (Q)

Warp Rift (W)

Photon Cannon (E)

Heroic Abilities

Pylon Overcharge (R)

Null Gate (R)

Warrior and Armor

Developer Comment:  We’re currently doing a pass on our Warriors, and want to better separate those that are intended to be able to solo-tank for their team, and those who are better identified as bruisers. With Armor coming into the game, we also saw an opportunity to make our Warriors have unique roles for their team so that the strongest or most survivable few weren’t identified and always favored regardless of the enemy team composition. In this patch, we’ve taken a pass at both Arthas and Anub’arak to better embrace their roles as solo-Warriors for their team. They have both received significant changes, largely with the theme of adding control and/or survivability to their kits at the cost of damage. While we know that players enjoy putting out that DPS, we think this is a healthier direction for the game, and should make the decision of which Warrior to bring to a team more meaningful. We’re also hoping that this direction helps push against the trend of it being the correct choice to bring multiple Warriors to a team because some can bring both CC and survivability while also doing as much damage as our Assassins.










Developer Comment:  Anub’arak has received some baseline changes and talent tweaks to embrace his role as an anti-caster Warrior. New additions to his kit include a lower cooldown and slowing Burrow Charge, a buff to his Harden Carapace shield amount, and some buffs to his Beetle build. Understandably some players may be wondering why we lowered his Spell Armor when we want him to be an anti-caster, but we felt that 25 base Spell Armor was a little too pointed in countering casters as they have no real options to deal with it when it is on a hero baseline. By giving him these changes, we’re hoping to make him a more well-rounded Warrior while still filling a niche that previously did not exist in our game.


Developer Comment:  For a long time Arthas has walked the line between being a Bruiser and a tank, though it was always intended that he be more of a tank as opposed to a bruiser. With Armor in the game, we saw the opportunity to really embrace him being that slow approach of Death that he encapsulated so well in Wrath of the Lich King. Arthas’s crowd control capability and survivability have been significantly increased, and now he should really shine as the Warrior to bring if the enemy team has multiple Melee heroes or those who strongly rely on their auto-attacks. In return for his extra control in teamfights, his damage has been reduced. While he will not put out damage as quickly as before, his ability to kill enemies will now rely much more on how long he can keep them in his Frozen Tempest, as once they’re in it will be very difficult for them to escape without using some kind of mobility.


Am I living under a rock? When has anyone EVER used this term?








Developer Comment: When we were first told about the new event “Two Heads are Better Than One”, we immediately set to work on giving Cho’gall’s talent trees a much needed face-lift. A lot of our Warriors were getting Armor updates in this patch and originally Cho’gall was no exception. After playing with a generic form of it internally, we realized we had a once-in-a-Nexus opportunity to do something very different and seized the moment. The foundation of the Cho’gall rework revolves around their new Traits, Ogre Hide and Ogre Rage, which are the keys to success with the Hero. The potential of Cho’gall should be greater than ever, but you will have to make sure both heads are working together in order to maximize your damage output while keeping yourself alive long enough to keep doing it.

Other Hero Changes - Can Skip for Time






New UI


2017 Season 1 Rolling Out

March 14th - June 13th

Hero League

Team League

So, in short, we’re going to leave things as they are for now and continue working toward addressing the duo queue versus trio problem in Team League, which is the root of the majority of Team League match quality problems. We’ll keep you updated with updates as we have them. Good luck on the ladder!

Reward system the same. Any Team League placement for vanilla mount.Master for Epic Mount. Mount currently unknown.


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I was watching the Western Clash this weekend and the announcers were talking about the importance of LAN play and how this might be why some smaller regions might have an issue. they also talked about how team Dignitas is known to be good on LAN play vs. 'Normal' Play. Can you explain this? Is it something to do with the response times and does that make it easier or harder to land skill shots? Do you guys have experience with this?


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