A Student Organization within The George Washington University

Article I: Name

  1. The official name of the veteran student organization at The George Washington University is GW Veterans.
  2. Colloquially the organization may be referred to as “GW Vets”, this shortened name may appear in conjunction with the full and proper name stated above, or on its own print.


Article II: Purpose

GW Veterans advocates for the academic, professional, and social support for the 1800+ military-affiliated students enrolled at The George Washington University. Membership is open to all students interested in supporting the military community at the GW.

In carrying out its purpose, GW Veterans will abide by all University policies.


Article III: Membership

  1. Membership is open to any current GW student.
  2. Only registered students that are members will be considered eligible to vote on organizational referendums and elections.
  3. In order to be a member of the organization, prospective members will sign up through a method of the Executive Board’s choosing, which will include recording the person’s Name, Phone, and non-GW email.  
  4. No dues will be required for membership in GW Veterans. The degree to which an individual chooses to engage and interact with the organization is entirely at their own discretion.
  5. Supporters of GW Veterans (Non-student including alumni) are welcome to participate in GW Veterans sanctioned events, but will not hold any voting rights or hold an elected position within the organization or handle funds on behalf of GW Veterans.
  6. GW Veterans does not unlawfully discriminate against any person on any basis prohibited by federal law, the District of Columbia Human Rights Act, or other applicable law, including without limitation, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression.


Article IV: Officers

  1. GW Veterans will have a minimum of the following elected officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  2. All Officers must be registered students for both the fall and spring semesters for the academic year following their election.

Article V - General Body Meetings

  1. Regular meetings of GW Veterans shall he held at least once a month during the academic year, and the date and time for such meetings shall be determined by the Executive Board.
  2. Special meetings of GW Veterans may be called at any time by the Executive Board.


Article VI - Amendments

  1. Amendments to this Constitution may be proposed by a member at a general body meeting and shall be voted upon by the Executive Board at the next Executive Board meeting.
  1. If the proposed amendment fails to gain approval by the Executive Board, the member may request to bring the matter to a vote of the general body members at a special hearing.

Article VII- Adoption

  1. This constitution shall be a living document and will apply to the GW Veterans organization for all Executive Boards here thereafter, until the organization is permanently dissolved.
  2. This constitution will be accepted as the founding and governing policies of GW Veterans. 


A Student Organization within The George Washington University

Section 1 - Officers

  1. The President
  1. The President shall be the Executive Officer of GW Veterans, and will be responsible for the organization as a whole.
  2. The President shall be responsible for the welfare of the organization as a whole.
  1. The Vice-President
  1. In the temporary absence of the President, the Vice-President shall assume the responsibilities of the President in addition to his duties as Vice-President.
  2. The Vice-President shall be responsible for all internal operations.
  1. The Secretary
  1. The Secretary shall keep and maintain records of the membership.
  2. The Secretary shall keep record of the minutes of the meetings of the general body and the Executive Board.
  3. The Secretary shall ensure communications in and out of the organization are flowing and organized.
  4. The Secretary shall be responsible for arranging general body meetings, executive board meetings, and any logistics associated.
  1. The Treasurer  
  1. The Treasurer shall be responsible for all fiscal matters of the organization.
  2. The Treasurer shall collect and receive all funds paid to the organization and shall deposit them in the official accounts.
  3. The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping the accounts and books which, at all times, must be open to inspection by the President, Executive Board, or any authorized auditor.

Section 2 - Elections and Vacancy of Officers

  1. Officer elections will be held in the first two months of the spring semester every academic year.
  2. Newly elected officers will assume their respective duties before May 1st, and will hold their position until formally relieved by the next Executive Board.
  3. Incumbent officers may choose to run again for the same position or a different position if they so choose, as long as they will be a registered student for both fall and spring semesters the following academic year.
  4. In addition, the duties and requirements of the executive board should also be carried over the summer. A minimum of two members will be located in proximity to the University for the balance of the summer term. However, exceptions can be made in matters of family, active service, employment and/or internship opportunities, and emergencies.
  5. In circumstances that an elected officer must withdraw from their duties, the President will appoint an acting officer to temporarily fill the position until a special election is held to replace the leaving officer. The special election must be held within one month.
  6. If the President withdraws, the Vice President will ascend to the Presidency, and a special election will be held to elect a new Vice President. With the exception of the Vice President assuming the role of President if necessary, no elected officer will otherwise change duties within the course of the year, thus in a special election a candidate from outside the Executive Board must be selected.
  7. All elections, both general and special, will be conducted via secret ballot with the candidate receiving the plurality of votes being declared the elected officer.
  8. All candidates must declare their candidacy prior to the election, and submit a brief written biography on their background and suitability for the position. No write in candidates will be accepted. If there are no declared candidates for a position, the currently elected members of the Executive Board may choose to appoint one.
  1. If the vacant position is amongst the incoming Executive Board (i.e. Vice President-elect), the incoming administration will make the appointment.
  1. Candidates for the position of President or Vice President are required to be or have been a service member of the United States Armed Forces.

Section 3 - Executive Board

  1. The Executive Board will consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, all of whom shall have a vote.
  2. It shall be the duty of the Executive Board to act as counsel for the President.  
  3. The Executive Board will be responsible for planning, adopting, and executing the policies of the organization, disciplining members, and to serve as the long range planning committee for the organization.
  4. The Executive Board shall determine, formulate, and establish policies by which the organization shall be guided in its external relationships and its internal governance.
  5. The Executive Board shall hold meetings throughout the year at a time and place designated by the President.
  6. The President may appoint any member of the organization as an appointed officer. The appointment must be approved by a majority vote from the Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. In the event of a tie vote, the proposed appointment shall be voted upon by all voting members of the Executive Board. The appointed officer will serve as a member of the Executive Board and will have voting rights in matters being considered by the board.  The President can remove or replace an appointed Executive Board member with the approval of the Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.
  7. The Vice President may appoint any member of the organization to assist in internal operations such as philanthropy, community service, and social events. These assistants will hold the title of “Chairman” and may form a committee underneath them in the course of their duties. These chairmen may serve the Executive Board in an advisory role but will not have a vote on the Executive Board. Chairman positions can be created and dissolved at the discretion of the  Vice President or President.
  8. When the Executive Board votes on matters, a majority vote will constitute the will of the board, unless a higher threshold is required by this Constitution or explicitly stated before said vote.

Section 4 - Meetings

  1. Meetings shall be held at the place and time as directed by the Executive Board.
  2. The general body must be given notice of the upcoming meeting at least one week prior to the meeting.

Section 5 - Revenue

  1. GW Veterans will receive its funds through 1) allocation of funds from the Student Association and will submit an annual budget request to the Student Association accordingly, 2) revenue generated from the sale of GW Veterans related merchandise, 3) any outside donations made to the organization and 4) any revenue generated from fundraising or similar jobs.
  2. It will be the responsibility of the treasurer to keep a record of all finances and financial transactions related to the organization.
  3. All organizational expenditures and disbursement of revenue will require approval by majority vote from members of the Executive Board.

Section 6 - Member Discipline

  1. A member of the organization shall have his/her membership revoked for just cause, which includes violations of any of the organization bylaws, rules, or for conduct detrimental to the best interests of the organization.
  2. Any member of the organization can petition the President for the removal of another member, and will detail the exact complaint against said member.
  3. If the president decides to forward the petition to the Executive Board, the Executive Board will consider the issue by vote.
  4. If the petition is approved, the member’s membership will be revoked effective immediately.
  5. The George Washington University values respect, communication, community, and diversity, and our organization and its members are expected to uphold and espouse these values. Members whose actions do not reflect these values are subject to removal from the organization. Grounds for removal may include, but are not limited to, the following actions:
  1. Discrimination
  2. Harassment
  3. Illegal activity
  4. Sexual assault
  5. Violence and other abuse

Members who have allegedly acted in a way that does not live up to the values of the University and/or the Constitution and Bylaws of GW Veterans are subject to removal.


Section 7 - Impeachment

  1. An elected Executive Board officer of the organization shall be dismissed from his/her current position for just cause, which includes violations of any of the organization bylaws, rules, or for failure to perform the duties of the office in a satisfactory level.
  2. Any member of the organization can petition the President for the removal of any member of the Executive Board, and will detail the exact complaint against said board member. In the case that a member seeks the removal of the President, he or she will petition the Vice President.
  3. The President (or Vice President IAW Section 2) will weigh the validity of the complaint and determine if the petition will move forward to the board.
  4. The Executive Board will vote on whether to remove the elected board member in question from his/her position. The board member in question will not be afforded a vote. All members voting must vote unanimously in favor of removal in order for the petition to be approved.
  5. If the petition is approved, the board member will be removed from his/her position effective immediately
  6. The secretary will record the proceedings in the Executive Board minutes.

Section 8 - Amendments

  1. Amendments to the bylaws may be proposed by a member at a general body meeting and shall be voted upon by the Executive Board at the next Executive Board meeting.
  1. If the proposed amendment fails to gain approval by the Executive Board, the member may request to bring the matter to a vote of the general body members at a special hearing.

Section 9 - Adoption

These bylaws will be accepted as the governing policies and procedures of  GW Veterans