my migration story 

I was born in Mombasa in 2006.My Grandmother was born in Zanzibar, my mom was born in Mombasa and my dad was born in Dar es Salaam. I have an older brother named Tariq Ali who was born in Toronto where my mum and dad got married. When I was 3 I got a little sister named Aamina and she was also born in Mombasa. we left mombasa to live with my dad because of my dad had work in Tanzania.

When I was born I had everyone looking after me because I was really cute in my grandfather and grandmother’s house. I lived there for a couple of months before we came to Dar es Salaam so that I could get some important vaccinations.It was my first time coming to Dar es Salaam.

We lived in my parents house where there were dogs and snakes, but they were not pets!!! Sometimes the snakes would come inside the house!! It was scary!! Then we moved to a different house with a barber next to it, called Kanti but there was also an icecream shop called Snow cream.There were a lot of RATS in the house.After that  we moved to an apartment building called Marina Apartments and it was peach in color. I didn't like the color but I played football with the askari there, we also went swimming sometimes. We moved from there because of the electricity, generator and water problems.The next house was a bright purple apartment building and I had a friend living there whose name is Imaad. We played football and cricket together almost everyday. Now we live in my mum and dad's building that used to be our first house but we made a deal with the owners to change it from a house to a tall apartment building. I enjoy in this house the most!!