CTDS Meeting Minutes 4/3/2017

In attendance: Derek, George, Margaret, Wendy, Steve, Beth, Suzanne, Robb, Vikki B., Lauren Johnson, Feather, Rusty

Lauren Johnson: Lauren is the manager of the TN Welcome Center in East Ridge and is planning programs for the center during National Tourism Week May 7-13 from 9am to 6pm each day. She wants the programs to focus on TN music and wanted to reach out to CTDS to see if we would be interested in participating in some way. She suggested inviting musicians, doing a demonstration, or having publicity materials to hand out. Robb suggested that she contact Christie Burns. Derek asked about projecting videos of contra dances, but the Welcome Center is not set up for that. The Board decided to create a flyer to have available, but that it was too short notice to put together a program.

Vikki B. suggested a dance demonstration at the Welcome Center or at the Chattanooga Market. The Board decided to announce at the next dance and to put something on Facebook to gauge interest in an event like this.

Suzanne brought up MainX24 and the need to start scouting locations early. Margaret suggested a shared document with location ideas.

Treasurer’s Report: The last 2 dances had smaller attendance and the cash in the cash box was used up for paying talent. Wendy will get more cash for the next dance. Derek will take care of the CD. Wendy has been paying out of the Chattaboogie account with the idea of running that down. The Board agreed to put the Square reader app on multiple devices so that multiple people can take payments.

Observations re: March dances: The Board agreed to encourage dancers to join the lesson, since new dancers can benefit from doing the lesson multiple times. Suzanne suggested calling it a warm-up to those dancers who feel like they don’t need a lesson. Margaret suggested asking dancers who have been before to help beginners by participating in the lesson.

April 8 Dance: Jane Ewing and Besides the Point; theme: April Showers; Sound: George and Christopher; Host: Stephen. Derek suggested playing waltzes at the break, and Wendy suggested some swing dance music. Since Suzanne and Wendy had trouble with the lights when they opened the gym for ECD, George will add information about the lighting system to the sound manual.

April 22 Dance: Margaret will confirm that we can enter the church at 4 to set up for a 4:30 English Country Dance. Suzanne requested help setting up and keys to get in. Margaret volunteered to help set up on April 22. The Board agreed to set the price at $5 for just ECD and $10 for both. Contraplicity will play and Donna Calhoun will call. This will be Heather’s last dance, so the Board agreed to recognize her at the break and offer her free admission to dances from now on.

Talent: The Board agreed to have Vicki Herndon be the “house caller” in order to create continuity with lessons and give Steve an easier time with booking callers. The Board approved Steve’s decision to book two new callers to split a gig for experience.

2017 Schedule: Margaret will confirm the September 30 date with BUMC for an advanced dance.

Committees: Derek suggested that the Board form separate committees of dancers for Hospitality (greeting, directing, snacks, etc.) and Membership (email list, etc.). Vikki B. agreed to be the committee head for the Hospitality Committee and start greeting right away.

Purchases: Derek brought up a potential need for new sound cables and will get back to the Board with prices. Margaret suggested that any new purchases receive in-person or email Board approval to ensure best purchases at the best prices.

Snacks: The Board agreed to a $15 limit on snack purchases. Wendy suggested providing healthy snack options. The Hospitality committee could also put out a sign encouraging dancers to bring snacks to share.

ECD: Suzanne requested that the Board approve a regular ECD starting in September. Suzanne asked Steve what the price difference would be to book bands and callers for both ECD and contra (which would happen only when available). Steve said that it would add about 2 hours of time to the evening, which would raise the price of talent. Margaret will ask the church about availability of the earlier time.

Misc: Robb suggested adding a YouTube contra lesson to our Meetup and Facebook events.

The Board agreed to continue announcing the need for local musicians. They can talk to Wendy, if they are interested in forming a local contra group.

The Board will have a work meeting on April 11 at 7pm at Derek’s house to work on publicity flyers, buttons, and other administrative tasks. The next Board meeting will be held Monday, May 8 at 6pm at The Terminal.