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Box Support

Common Incidents

Cannot provision account

User gets one of two error messages while attempting to signup for an account with uofi.box.com

  1. Invalid Credentials
  2. It appears that you already have a personal Box.com account affiliated with your University email address. Please click the button below to learn how to resolve this conflict

If #1:

first, make sure that the user has a valid uic.edu affiliation (faculty, staff, student). csomenu should have this information but I don’t know how to determine that using this application. The application I use to determine affiliation is not available to tier 1 support. We’ve had several users attempting to register with uofi.box.com who don’t have any of these affiliations.

second, newly activated netids will not have access to Box (or any other Shibboleth Authenticated application) until the next day.

third, use #2 below.

If #2:

The user has registered a Box account using his uic.edu email address at box.com.

The user needs to follow these instructions:

  1. Login to http://box.com with your uic.edu email address - the login page URL should say https://app.box.com/login. If you get to a page that asks “Part of University of Illinois?” you must click the link that says “Not a part of University of Illinois?”. If you forgot your box.com password click the Reset Password link below the Sign In button - then enter your uic.edu email address. You will receive an email message at that account with instructions on setting a new password - login to http://box.com. [If you do not receive an email message that most likely means you are on their “do-not-send” list - you need to contact their support to get removed from this list.]
  2. We suggest that you do not press the Deactivate Your Account button. When you do this the account is put into a “limbo” state requiring further action from box.com support. If you do Deactivate you will need to contact box.com support to either purge or re-activate your account. If box.com purges the account then you should be able to now sign-up with http://uofi.box.com and skip the remaining instructions here.
  3. Go to the menu at the top right and select Account Settings. Under “Login and Email addresses” click “Add more emails”. Enter a personal email address (like one at gmail.com) and Save. A confirmation email message will be sent to that email account. Login to that account and confirm the addition. Again, you need to make sure you are taken to box.com and not to http://uofi.app.box.com. You may need to copy and paste the link given in the confirmation email to a new or different browser.
  4. Go back to “Login and Email address” at box.com and make your personal email address your Primary address. You will be prompted for a password - this will be your box.com password.
  5. Remove the uic.edu email address from under “Login and Email address”.
  6. You will now be able to signup for a uofi.box.com account at http://uofi.box.com.
  7. If you want to move your folders at box.com (now owned by your private email address) to your uofi.box.com account, invite your uic.edu email address as a Collaborator and then set that address as the Owner.


The user has setup a secondary email address using his uic.edu address with his box.com account:


The user needs to remove this secondary email address.

The user should now be able to sign up with uofi.box.com.