March 15th, 2017

  1. Call to order: 7:06pm
  2. Approval of minutes from 15 FEB 2017, moved and seconded

  1. Jake Shores auction update
  1. Some final invoices still to come in, right around last year’s final numbers $19-21K
  2. Looking for feedback, positive, negative, anything - SurveyMonkey survey
  3. Proposal to have shadowing committee members
  4. Not using the physical basket if you won a basket item?  Consider returning to PTO/Auction committee
  5. Including above points in 3/16 Hawkeye

  1. Cub Scout Presentation

a.        Heather Cooper-Krossman and Gary Granum

        Boy Scouts Cascade Council - Boy Scouts of America

        Joining Night - April 5th, 2017 - flyers in backpack going home for 1st-5th grade boys
        Boy Scouts are franchises offered to PTO’s, Churches, Community Organizations and are chartered, require: 1. meeting place, 2. registered leaders, 3. franchise fee
Heather: Dens/packs are better organized within a school, not across schools

  1. Principal update – Sean Leverty
  1. Thanks to Auction committee!
  2. ESL testing cycle began in January, is now complete
  3. After spring break, ESBAC? testing begins
  4. 2017-18 School Year: student placement parent feedback window 4/3-4/21

  1. Teacher Liaison update – Amanda Elliott
  1. Kindergarten roundup was great!  Around 30 families attended.
  2. Parent’s Night Out - 2/17 was a success!

  1. President update – Mike Pringle
  1. Budget Committee
  1. Meeting in April - if you would like to be on the committee, please let Mike know -
  1. Succession Planning
  1. ⅔ of the PTO Board will not be returning, if you would like to serve, please contact Mike.
  1. Auction Committee thanks

Jake Shores, Tracy Meurisse, Courtney Cronk

  1. Vice President update – Robynn Schillace
  1. Need new VP for 2017-18

a.        Mod Pizza and Bambuza fundraisers - 4/26 - all-day, requested volunteers will be shifts available on MVP

b.  Succession planning: Event/activity documents are in place to help with new chairpeople who would like to help and - all documents are available on Google Drive

  1. Secretary update – Peter James
  1. OBOB

  1. Volunteer Coordinator update – Amy Nokes (Absent) / Abe Martinez (Absent)

a.        Need 2 PTO volunteer coordinators for 2017-18

b.   Walk/Bike to school coming up in May

c.   Clothes Closet - 4/12

d.   Morning with Mom/Those who Love me - 5/11 - contact Ross Bradshaw

  1. Treasurer update – Kelly Stine (Absent)

a.        Need a new treasurer for 2017-18

b.   Budget/fundraising goals - add documents here

  1. Round Table
  1. Ross Bradshaw: Grounds beautification event?

  1. Adjourn: 7:40
  2. Attendance
  3. Link to Facebook Live Video