This became the official policy 7/1/13.

Coupon Acceptance Policy for Stores


Albertsons LLC is committed to providing our customers with a Legendary shopping experience that includes fast, friendly and accurate checkout.

Coupon Acceptance:


Coupon Acceptance Policy


Buy 1 Get 1 Free, Buy 1 Get 2 Free Sale Items:

Customers may use one manufacturer coupon for each item, (EX: buy one get two free = 3 manufacturer coupons allowed), as long as when combined, the total discount amount does not exceed the retail of the first item.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In the event a coupon is presented for an item where the face value of the coupon exceeds the retail of the item, the coupon may still be accepted so long as it doesn?t cause the total amount of the item to be a negative amount, meaning we would owe the customer money. Item CANNOT be more than free.

It is preferable that all coupon types be redeemed before the transaction is completed. In the event a customer forgets to give you their coupons, please call for Manager’s assistance to correct the situation and ensure that the customer has a Legendary shopping experience.