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Please be a volunteer for our next unit.

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Please sign up to reserve your preferred level of participation in Four Winds at JES for the 2017-2018 school year! You will see dates for the units in this sign up.  Select as many classes (it does not have to be your child’s class) and hit sign up for each of the six units you want to guide.

Adults and children learning together and exploring nearby natural places is what Four Winds' all about. It is the your dedication that makes this happen.

Four Winds two-hour natural science workshops for kids and adults consist of many types of activities that you can assist with. You don't have to know anything about science to be a valuable asset to the program.  We hope you will choose to be a Four Winds classroom guide.  Sign up today to lead these workshops!
Click here to participate: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c044aa9ac23a1fc1-four

October 11th


 at Mills Riverside Park

November 8th

Animal Disguise and Surprise

 at Mills Riverside Park

January 10th

Snowflakes – Background

 at JES

February 14th

Track Detectives - Background

 at JES

April 11th

 Feathering the Nest - Background

 at JES

May 9th

Frogs and Toads - Background

 at Mills Riverside Park

The adult only training workshops take place the first Monday of the month will teach you everything you need to know about the topic and how to present it in the classroom. This workshop is a one-two hour training and informational presentation lead by Deb Parrella our Four Winds Nature Institute Ambassador. We encourage you to attend the workshops even if you cannot participate in the Four Winds outing so you can participate in this learning experience with your child at home.

Please save the date for all of the Four Winds Adult Workshops:

at  8:00 AM on Monday, November 6th in the JES Art Room to learn about Disguises.

at  8:00 AM on Monday, January 1st in the JES Art Room to learn about Snow.

at  8:00 AM on Monday, February 5th in the JES Art Room to learn about Tracks.

at  8:00 AM on Monday, April 2nd in the JES Art Room to learn about Nest.

at  8:00 AM on Monday, May 7th at MRP to learn about Frogs.

Click here to participate: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c044aa9ac23a1fc1-four

Four Winds at JES

Four Winds is an environmental education program designed for elementary aged children and taught by parents and other community volunteers.  The program is an offshoot of the ELF Program, which was developed by the Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS), and enriches the JES science curriculum.


The Four Winds program teaches students through entertaining puppet shows, fun hands-on activities, and outside exploration.  We utilize the school grounds to discover wonderful happenings right in our own backyards.


The lessons are organized into five different year-long units of study:



Patterns in Nature

Structure and Function

Cycles in Nature

We focus on one concept each year as a school-wide theme, so that in the five years your child is at JES, they will have explored each concept.  This year's theme is:


When we study the characteristics of living and non-living things, we find patterns of similarity and differences that help us begin to understand how things are related. Such patterns may be useful in sorting and classifying different living things: plants with five petals, animals with four toes, or insects with two wings. By studying a group of organisms, we find that we can learn more about each of the individual species when we examine both the things they have in common and those that make them unique. Patterns and variations help us organize non-living things as well and often prompt questions about why the patterns occur. Throughout this yearlong theme, children will examine the characteristics of living and nonliving things, recognizing patterns of similarities and differences and their relationships. They will practice sorting and classifying as well as describing and recording why objects or organisms belong in a certain group.


Click here to participate: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c044aa9ac23a1fc1-four

Children love Four Winds because the activities are playful, fun yet educational in that they make sense of the world they live in. Volunteers enjoy Four Winds because it gives them a meaningful role to play in their school and with their children, while enriching their own knowledge of the environment. Schools value Four Winds because students learn hands-on natural science in direct support of education standards.


Four Winds at JES is made possible thanks to funding from Partners in Education (PIE), enthusiastic support from teachers, and the tremendous involvement of our parent/community volunteers.


How You Can Help

Four Winds solely depends on parent and community participation to ensure its continued success. You can help:

- Volunteer to be a classroom guide. Click here to participate: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c044aa9ac23a1fc1-four

- Provide funds or materials for activities.

- Become a Co-coordinator to help keep this program at JES.

- Film the training sessions.

- Prepare the required materials.

- Putting together newsletters, bulletin board displays, etc.

- Sharing the volunteer opportunity with your friends and family.

- Talk with me, Danielle Raymond. As our school’s Nature Program coordinator, I welcome your input and greatly appreciate the time you give as Four Winds participants. Please feel free to email me at JESnatureprogram@gmail.com if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions for this program.

Four Winds Trainings

Four Winds trainings are held to review the lessons, activities, and materials for each monthly topic. Trainings mayl be videotaped and made available to those who can't make the training in person.







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