April 23, 2016 WSCA Board Meeting

In attendance: Jeff Demmon, Dean Cornelison, Linda Henson, Scott Muirhead, Dave Hamilton

2016 Budget

The budget, for the upcoming WSCA state shoot at SST, was discussed. The budget, in past years, has been purposely depleted to buy give-a-ways and prizes for the WSCA shoot-offs. There were not as many targets thrown in 2015 so the budget to buy said prizes is lower than in past years.

WSCA will be giving $3750 to SST as a buy down for the shooters.

Jeff Demmon reached out to family and friends and was able to procure $500 toward prizes. We are looking for more donations, if possible.

It was decided that the WSCA shoot-off prizes will be:

Any extra cash will be used to buy Lonesome Charlie pouches to give away at the Saturday night dinner.

Jeff has procured Kicks and Comp-N-Choke for giveaways

Linda will contact Mike Wilgus for Blaser giveaways

Linda will also contact Dakin regarding donating 10 flats of shells for the WSCA shoot-offs.

2015 Tour

The 2015 Tour winners will be awarded prizes at the state shoot in June. Scott Muirhead discussed the tour and Jeff Demmon will order the prizes from Jim White. The last two shoots are at Double Barrel in April and Landt Farms in May.

Linda will post on Facebook and WSCA the final tour information that Scott will write up.

2017 State Shoot

Applications for the 2017 State Shoot were sent out in March and there has been no responses from any of the clubs. SST and UNSC both have declined verbally. There was discussion around what to do. Several ideas were discussed and Linda and Jeff will be following up with people to see if we can get a commitment.

Youth Shooting

There was discussion about youth shooting and how to get the most out of the money WSCA is sending to the youth programs. It was determined that Dean would do some research and get back to the board with some suggestions.

2017 Shoot Schedule

There was a discussion about the scheduling for the 2017 shoot season. It was determined that we would use the same scheduling process that we have been using for the past several years and Linda will send the schedule to all the clubs in September.

WSCA Board Elections

At the Association Annual Meeting at the state shoot, the following board positions will be up for election:

Anyone who might be interested in one of these positions should contact a board member. The elections will be held at the annual meeting at the state shoot.

Linda will post this information on Facebook and WSCA webpage.


The annual WSCA board meeting will be held Saturday, June 11 at noon at the state shoot in the dining area.

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