Peninsula Women's Soccer League offers year-round, full field women’s soccer. We have multiple 18+ divisions, ranging from competitive to intermediate, plus two additional divisions for players 30+ and 40+.

How do I join the league?

There are four ways to join our league:

  1. Join the roster of an existing team
  2. Sign up for the “sub roster”
  3. Sign up for a team of “free agents” (if available)
  4. Recruit players and start a new team

Option 1: Join the roster of an existing team

To do this, you can leave your information here and wait for an existing team to contact you; or, check out teams who need players here and get in contact with them.  You might also join this way if someone you personally know has invited you to play on their team.

If you are invited to join a team, the Team Manager will send you a registration link and the name of the team, plus any details specific to their team. All costs will be managed by the Team Manager.

Option 2: Sign up for the “sub roster”

This option allows you to pay a small fee to be available and eligible to existing teams as a substitute. There is a limit on the number of seasons you can register this way, and then you have to be invited to play by an existing team (there is no guarantee you will be contacted). This is also a popular option for teams “trying out” players.  

The rules and procedure can be found here.

Option 3: Sign up for a team of “free agents”

        Check under the “Join the League” tab of to see if there is a free agents team to join.

Option 4: Recruit players and start a new team

If you are interested in rounding up individuals to start a new team, please email You will need to recruit the individual players, and take on the responsibilities of Team Manager!

Why can’t I just show up at a game and play?

The advantage of playing league-organized versus pick-up style games is the guarantee of a field, at a specified time, with referees, and an opponent. Reserving fields and contracting referees both require the league to carry insurance. The league’s insurance requires that every player be properly registered and agree to a waiver.

If you are not registered with our league and have not met the requirements set out in PWSL’s Policies (available on, you cannot play in PWSL games. If you are unsure if you are a valid player, please contact your Team Manager.  A player can register online (with links provided by their Team Manager) before the start of a game, and play in that game, provided they have successfully completed the registration and can show proof of ID at the game (please see league policies for details).

Why doesn’t the League assign players to existing teams?

PWSL is a not-for-profit league, run by and for players.  Our Board of Directors and Team Managers are volunteers who give their time to the league/teams simply because they enjoy playing women’s soccer!

The league is structured so that games and seasons are organized by the Board, and individual teams are organized by a Team Manager. As such, individual teams have 100% control over their rosters.  Team Managers have discretion to recruit based on skill level, availability, fit with the team, etc.

How are Team Managers chosen?

With the exception of any free agent team, each team generally selects their own Team Manager(s). If no one is willing to step into this role and organize the team, it naturally dissolves.

I left my information under “Players Looking for Teams”, but no one has called me. Why not? What should I do?

Team Managers are responsible for recruiting players to their roster - it could be no teams need players, or that they are looking for specific skill/position criteria that does not match the information you provided.

Consider Options 2 - 4 under “How do I join the league?” (see above).

I signed up for the “Sub Roster”, but no one has called me. Why not? What should I do?

Team Managers will only contact players on the sub roster if they need additional players for a specific game. It could be that no teams need players, or that they are looking for specific skill/position criteria that does not match the information you provided.

It could also be that you did not follow step #4 under “For Players” in the instructions.

Consider Options 1 (if you have not already) and 3 - 4 under “How do I join the league?” (see above).

Does the League put together new (“free agent”) teams?

Yes, some seasons we do.  Typically we will do this at the beginning of a season when we have an uneven number of teams, or, if we have a large pool of interested players who have not found a team.

What days are games played?

Sundays, for all three seasons (Spring Jan-May, Summer June-July, Fall Sep-Dec).

Where are games played?

For current fields used, please see “Fields” or “PDF Schedule” in the left-side navigation at

What time are games played?

Games start at 9a, 11a, 1p, and 3p (each game is 90 minutes).

What is the game format/length?

11 v 11, two 45-minute halves, officiated by a crew of 3 professional referees.

Are games played on turf or grass?

All PWSL games are currently played on synthetic turf fields.  More information on this decision can be found here.

Do teams typically practice? Will my team practice?

This is 100% up to each team; the League is not notified.

How much is it to join the league?

League fees are paid as a team registration fee - each team makes one payment to the league for each season.  As of July 2018, a team reg fee is $1,700/team/season.  For more information on team credits and fines, please see the league policies.

As rosters are determined by Team Managers, it is up to them to collect fees from individual players. Depending on the number of players on each team, the individual player cost can vary from team to team (rosters are typically 16-20 people).

At the current team registration cost, approximately $90/player is a fair guess - however, Team Managers have the discretion to set individual player fees (which may include an additional cost for jerseys, team equipment, bond/fines, etc.).

What are the skill levels of the divisions?

Divisions are broken up into two groups - “open” (18+) and “aged” (currently 30+ and 40+).

The number of divisions within “open” varies by the number and skill level of the teams registered that season (we’ve had as few as 2 and as many as 4).  Division 1 will always be the most competitive/skilled teams, and go on down from there.

Aged teams do not necessarily mean players are less competitive and certainly not less skilled; it simply means there is a minimum age requirement (see the league policies for more info, which are available on the league’s web site). It can be the case that a Division 2 or 3 team in “open” 18+ is not as competitive as a 30+ team.

Generally, players in Division 1 have played competitive soccer at some point, whether it was club or college. However, it is not a requirement, and does not mean that players in lower divisions have not played at this level.

Still have questions?

Contact the Board at

Updated 7/18/2018 by S. Matera