How To: Setup Your Profile

Will you please take a moment to update your contact info and add your photo? (While you're here, you may want to update the information for the rest of your family as well.)

If you get stuck, see this page for a video walk-through.

Edit Profile

  1. Login to the Hub
  1. Go to, click on the menu link called The Hub
  1. Click on your name in the upper right corner
  2. Choose Edit Profile

Action Steps

Confirm your profile details in these sections

  1. Add your photo and confirm basic information
  1. Click the CHOOSE FILE button as pictured below.
  2. The Hub only accepts photos in the .jpg format (which most photos are)
  1. Address
  2. My Fit
  3. Social (optional)
  4. Plugged in

Save your settings at the bottom