Intro to MakeyMakey and Scratch with @KarenBlumberg

June 20, 2016

12:30pm - 3:00pm

(Feel free to use @MakeyMakey #MakerEd #teach21 @teach21C)

Scratch Programming Environment

1. Use in your web browser:

2. Getting started guide:

3. Starter projects:

Makey Makey instruments

1. Piano site:

2. Piano Scratch project:

3. Paper piano tutorial:

4. Guitar Scratch project:

5. More ideas:

6. Video of Makey Makey guitar video:

7. Video of more Makey Makey instruments:

8. Banana Piano:

Learn Scratch

Video Tutorials

More videos


Scratch for budding computer scientists

Using Scratch for digital storytelling

Books for learning Scratch

Purchasing at Sparkfun, get the 20% off Sparkfun Educator Discount

Standard Kit:

Deluxe Kit:

Non-stranded hookup wire as a combo pack

Non-stranded hookup wire as a single spool

To program a mouse click in Scratch:

Completed projects Using Makey Makey + Scratch

  1. Makey Makey Violin
  2. Flower Pianos

“Scratch Day” Events