Davis Aquatic Masters

Board Meeting – July 9, 2014

Meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. in the Brady Building at Civic Pool. Quorum was established.

Attendees Present:

Ann Willis, President

Karen Charney, Vice President

Byron Philleo, Treasurer

Dan Sperka, Secretary

Ken Petruzzelli, Member at Large

Erica Fleishman, Member at Large

Stu Kahn, Head Coach

Allan Crow, Financial Director

Joe Otto, DAM member


Jonathon Howard, Member at Large

Approval of Minutes from June meeting

Member Input

Member Joe Otto spoke about the Lake Berryessa Swim and urged the board to re-focus the event as one which is aimed at  raising money for charity, not just raising money for DAM.

Finance Director Report

Projecting end of year profit to be $838.29

Registrar Report (Erica)

As of 6/28

Roster - 610 swimmers

Monthly dues - 529

USMS members attributed to DAM, but not DAM members: 7

Red Card - 35

On Leave - 39 

Head Coach Report

Membership is high, but swims/month is low.

Need volunteers for swim meet

Stu and his engineering staff are working on water cannon designs that will be OK with the City. The old sprayers in use at Civic were met with disapproval by City Maintenance Staff, and DAM was told not to use them anymore.

Berryessa Report

Trish was not in attendance but preliminary financial report was available. Approximately $8200 in profit, but outstanding expenses will bring that down to near $7000.

40th Anniversary Committee

Approximately 150 tickets have been sold. At this point the event may not break even, estimating a shortfall of about $2200. That will be lessened by further ticket sales.

Swimmer of the Month

Trish Price was named swimmer of the month for June (we are a month behind, and will catch up next month with two swimmers of the month).