Sentence Completion

Writer__________________________________________________                Period_________        Date________________________

1 Today I am

2. Reading is

3. The last thing I read

4. On Youtube, I

5. Video games

6. After school I

7. My parents

8. I would rather

9. I usually choose books

10. Books about

11. I have to tell you

12. Online, I

13. Patton Middle School is

14. This year I need to

15. Writing is

16. My strengths include

17. I feel proud when

18. I’d write more if

19. One thing I want to ask you is

20. I accept

21. I don’t like to

22. When I have an issue with

23. The kindest thing a teacher

24. If teachers would

25. I like remembering

Credit: Lee Ann Spillane, Cypress Creek High School Teacher & Stenhouse Author